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Okay, we all know that the Internet can be a nasty place for comic book characters. Welp, the Internet is not too accepting to Gwenpool so far.
Fan art that I can agree with lol. I'm not okay with that meaning Gwenpool being a pool. Anyway the Internet, so we have women who cosplay as her already and I must say the people might hit the costume spot on but the costume is ugly. People are hoping Gwenpool does not get a run. I read on several sites that people just don't agree with the idea of smacking a pool on an end on someone's name and they are (the character) trash. Another comment said that they "hope to GOD" that they don't have her run into other comics like Deadpool. Welp, from reading the Holiday Gwenpool, it's seems like she is going to have a great friendship with the new Ms. Marvel. So I expect to see her around at least in Ms Marvel's comic line. So most people on the net pointed out the same thing I did, the art work is just horrible. Besides Gwenpool's entrance (horrible) the art work was right with it. "I did not see no forth wall breaks " the Internet. Yup, there is none, however Gwenpool is her own character that is borrowing some elements from Deadpool. So the Internet is on the fence but I mostly see negative response to Gwenpool.
So more internet-based digging... GWENPOOL gets her own comic coming in April 2016. It's going to be called " The unbelievable Gwenpool" (yeah it's unbelievable that this is going to be a thing )
"The new series will be written by Christopher Hastings, with art from Gurihiru (the psuedonym for artists Chifuyu Sasaki and Naoko Kawano). Unlike the original idea behind the character, this actually isn’t an alternate universe version of Gwen Stacy like in Spider Gwen , despite what the name suggests. Instead,Unbelievable Gwenpool will center around a girl who is actually named Gwen Poole, as she decides to become her own version of Deadpool." - Entertainment Weekly. So it does get extra confusing too.. So she is Gwen Stacey but not Gwen Stacey, she is not from Earth 616 but she is not from the same world Gwen Stacey is from. ::head spin :: I totally confused myself trying to explain Gwenpool's origins and her home. But yup, that is how it is going to go.

My opinion..

Okay... Breathe... I'm breathing.. Okay, here I go. I feel that this is a whole capitalism scheme, like most things. Deadpool is hot right now, so why not capitalize off that character. Let's make "Gwenpool" people will accept her because she is a "pool". Look, when her first stand alone issue releases, yes I will read it just to see what Marvel is doing with Gwen. Do I buy into the idea of here as a "pool" , no I find it as BULL. I have this nagging feeling that she is going to be annoying and that she is going to do annoying stuff like what @BeannachtOraibh pointed out when Gwen Googled how to make a bomb to finish her contract. I feel it's going to be her just I'm clumpy and cute. K bye . I feel that Marvel should have made a whole new "pool" an adult and that does Merc work, if they want to they can make the character the contrast to Deadpool. The character can be serious and dark and breaks the fourth wall once in a while. Like when the character finds someone outrageous.
So I'm pretty much 75% NO stop this bull... And 25% I'm reading this to see where you take is character. (yup I borrowed spiderman for this)
I liked the last image a lot better- still feel like pants might be a good call but the art is way more appealing to me
@LAVONYORK I'll do some sketches and we'll try to make them swallow this one and maybe it'll disappear XP
@SamTheMallow well what we do is borrow it to go dimensions and get the Dragon balls. Use them to wish for the Rinnegan have and use it's power to steal her soul.
so basically she sucks and not in the good way lol <3
*blinking* 🙄 *sigh*
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