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Here is mine: 1.) Wild Eyes- Shinhwa 2.) Colorful- SHINee 3.) Hands up- 2pm 4.) Paradise- Infinite 5.) History-EXO-K 6.) Eternity- VIXX 7.) Fire-2NE1 8.) Baddest Female-CL 9.) Girls Girls Girls-Got7 10.) Mirotic- TVXQ! haha I'm happy with this
or you could make a poem! or both! Here is mine: I'm heart sick, heal me, be crazy, can't let you go (Bad GIRL-B2ST) I can tell you're looking at me I know what you see Any closer and you'll feel the heat (The boys-SNSD) She’s a monster, she’s a monster She’s a monster (She's a monster- Got7) No, what are these tears I don't know the meaning of? (Not over you- NU'EST) Yeah, sounds good (No mercy- B.A.P.) Cause your body goes boom bara boom (Witch-boyfriend) Did it Rather than clumsy words (Catch me if you can- SNSD) Ay- Wait a minute, follow the rules of the jungle (Red Light f{x}) Wow! Everybody wake up (everybody- SHINee) Yeah This is love (This is Love- Super Junior) well I tried haha I think its okay :) it was good I'm the beginning till it hit b. a. p then the rest just fell lol
what did y'all guys get? ^_^
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This took me forever!!! But here is my poem: [1] The rim looks further away today (BTS Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment of Life pt1) [2]I know that you hate me (Give Love AKMU) [3]Dont flirt, Im worried every day because of you (Dont Flirt by Winner) [4]You have fallen (Open the Door Topp Dogg) [5] Love is painful, although love is painful (Without you aka Finally G-Dragon) [6] Im doing it today too (Today Gdragon) [7] Just wild and young (One of a Kind GDragon) [8] Like those dead leaves there that have fallen and are dying (Autumn Leaves BTS) [9] Were here, the fun boys (Fun boys, BTS) [10] Youre not lovable (But- Winner) Such a sad poem lol but cool!!