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The days are passing and I am getting more nervous....also I have LOTS of cards to do!
4) Would you rather tell Jimin he's beautiful or tell Jin he's not boring? I think this is one if the easier ones....I would tell Jin he is not boring, always making me laugh an such Jimin already knows he is beautiful inside and out..... Besides Jin and I could be awkward together and he would see that he is NOT boring as he thought!!!!
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tell jimin he's beautiful
tell jimin he is beautiful ^.^
Tell Jin he's not boring , I'm sorry Jimin , Jimin should already know he's beautiful Lol
I'd tell Jin he's not boring too. Jimin better KNOW he's beautiful!!!! Jin's got the responsibility of being the eldest and watching over his Donsaengs so I'm sure it'd be reassuring to hear he's just as fun and crazy as everyone else 😊