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#15 Jooyoung- Wet I love the R and B feel of this song even though the lyrics are a bit sexual, however his voice gives me the chills!
#14 GFRIEND- Me Gustas Tu I just adore their voices and the beat literally gives me goose bumps. I honestly listen to this too much.
#13 Crush- Oasis ft. Zico "OH MYYYY SHE'S MINEE!" This song is something I jam to in the car. I love EVERY SINGLE THING about this track! Especially since my baby Zico is on here.. s/o to my future hubby #21 πŸ’—
#12 BTS- Run YES YES AND YESS. All of the boys give me the chills and this song just adds to them. Their album is great but I really love this song. Plus it was hard since they have such amazing songs.
#11 Ailee- Insane She has such an amazing voice and I love love love this song. When I first listened to it I COULD NOT STOP! It's so addicting!
#10 Zion.T- No Makeup The message of the song is so great and makes me love it so much more. Hands down Zion.T has amazing songs but since I had to choose my favorite.. this would be it.
#9 Keith Ape- It G Ma Remix "UNDER WATER SQUAD!" πŸ³πŸ¬πŸ‘πŸŸπŸ πŸ‹πŸŠπŸ’. THIS SONG GET'S ME SO HYPE. If you like rap and songs to blast in your car THIS IS IT MY FRIEND!
#8 f(x)- Four Walls I LOOOOOVVEEE THE BEAT! This is really the only song I have heard by them so this has to be like my favorite LOL. But if you guys have any other songs I should listen to from them then let me know 😁
#7 Red Velvet- Automatic OK OK OK THESE LADIES SLAY ME. I honestly adore all of their songs, but this one has that sort of sensual feel to it and it drew me in. It was either this or Lady's Room.
#6 Jay Park- Solo Let me start off by saying that he is so talented, down to earth, and sexy. I love the lyrics of the song since he is taking about loving someone who already has someone else. I mean I have been in this situation which makes me relate to the song. Also, Hoody's voice is amazing too and I like her song "Baby Oh Baby" you should check it out if you haven't already!
#5 CL- HELLO BITCHES I could not forget about my girl CL! I was so hype when she put out the video and I still jam to this so hard and watch the video like 592740 TIMES! I can't wait for her album to come out the anticipation is KILLING ME!!!
#4 GOT7- If you Do You have no idea the amount of times I have watched this video and listened to this song. I love the vibe it gives off and their sensual voices singing along with the beat. CAN I JUST MARRY ALL OF THEM!?? IS THAT LEGAL??
#2 EXO- Unfair GUYS GUYS GUYS! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OVERPLAYED THIS SONG IS ON MY PHONE AND I WILL NEVER BE TIRED OF IT! I honestly don't know if it's their voices, the beat, but whatever it is, it makes me have the feels. And then they just had to go and do a performance of the song, which I watch every night before I go to sleep! I love them and they have been through so much with members leaving, but I hope they become bigger than they are now because I LOVE THEM FOREVER AND ALWAYS πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
#1 Big Bang- Let's Not Fall In Love YES OF COURSE THEY WOULD BE MY TOP I MEAN DUHHH! The whole album is amazing, but this would be my favorite. I particularly love it when they perform this song live. Their voices...their voices bring me to heaven OH MY GOSH WORDS CANT EVEN EXPLAIN AHSHSBS AHHHHH!
Well their you have it! These are my top 15 songs of 2015. If you have a list, I would love for you to write them in the comments! And also if you agree with mine then you are my other half. But i TOTALLY understand that everyone will have different songs that might have been number one or any other number, but keep in mind the tittle did say "MY" top 15 songs! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it. It was really hard picking my top songs you guys have no idea!
Unfair makes me so happy omg I agree the performance they've done for it is adfjlksd
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@seouls they are just the cutest
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