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Check out Benedict Cumberbatch, our Doctor Strange, as he dresses for the part. Definitely the perfect cast! Can't wait for this Movie. Probably my highly anticipated Marvel Movie aside from Captain Marvel. *Follow link if image link doesn't work*
I'm so excited for this, Cumberbatch in my opinion makes a damn good Dr. Strange. His style of acting is going to bring out the potential Dr. Strange has and deserves for a silver screen debut. I've been hearing that the studio really wants to make a completely different feel for this movie, and if they stick to how Dr. Strange was conceived for the comics, psychedelic magic trip, then this movie is going to blow the audience away.
@JJthealphamale @SparkRIDE I definitely hope so. I think they need to do something a little different. People are getting used to the plot structure that Marvel has been using, it's time to surprise people again. It'll keep people interested and excited. And Strange is such a good character to do that with. I'm looking forward to seeing him in action in a trailer
The costume and design looks so true to the comics! :D
Squeeeeee! Love. It!
Dr. Strange?!?! And played by Cumberbatch?!?! *head explodes*
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