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Why isn't anybody afraid of the Kansas City Chiefs?
Their win over the Browns on Sunday was their ninth in a row, bringing them to 10-5 after losing five of their first six games. Those victories have been by an average of 16 points.
Why arent more people talking about the Chiefs?
The Chiefs may have lost their star running back Jamaal Charles for the year, but the team has become a lot better overall since his departure.
The Chiefs, meanwhile, feature a dominant defense and an offense that is predicated upon avoiding giveaways. Since the start of Week 5, Bob Sutton's unit has allowed a total of just 145 points, an average of 13.2 points over 11 games.

Are The Kansas City Chiefs A Super Bowl Contender?

The chiefs are definitely going to make some noise in the afc playoffs this year. They could very easily knock off anybody else that's in the playoff race, even the patriots.
The chiefs are pretty good but I don't think they are Super Bowl contenders
and to be honest at least 2 of the 5 games they lost they could have won had they not shot themselves in the foot. Giving two teams 14 points in the last 2 mins back to back because of stupid turnovers, they could have been a 12-3 team lol with a chance at the #1 spot right now
I mean they are definitely sneaking up and can be a contender