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Day 5- 5 that I ship!
My number 1 ship! King Meruem and Komugi! I love this couple so much for some reason! My favorite by far!
Yuu and Nao! At the start of the season I didn't want this to happen but as it went on I grew more for it. How she forgot him and he made her feel for him again. The ending I came close to tears.
If you didn't cry during this show then you must not have been paying attention! Tsukasa and Isla are so cute together! It's a great show as well!
If you've seen this scene with Hinata and Yui then you have definitely cried! These two had a very aggressive and fun loving relationship. Yui's last scene was so sad!
I'm still crying from this scene! Yuzuru and Kanade just were ment to be together, I think! This show was great all around thus why I have 2 couples from the show on here! Angel Beats is a must watch if you haven't yet.
Thanks for checking my card out again, hope you enjoyed it! Leave feedback!
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gale from fairy tail and zen and shirayuki from snow white with red hair