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When you show your mom a picture on your phone and she starts swiping
Mom pls i can explain
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@saraortiz2002 I would murder my dad if he did that.
you think I didn't? XD He has been asking my mom why I am so unhappy and if I hate him. My mom, not having a problem with my music obsession, since shes obsessed with 90s Music, rolls her eyes. and this is back 2 months ago. XD
my mother went on my Ipad one day (that's where all of 'it' is) and went into my photos and basically saw every single derp, sex, cutesy photo I had of EXO .-. The next hour it was all gone ;-----; all 5, 358 of my babies in action.....
lol I'm just glad if my mom looks she's just like how come you didn't send me this one?!?!?! Kpopper moms are awesome and my dad he seen my lock screen of JB be smexy and he said he's a handsome guy he denies it now but he said it!!! I swear... I just hope he doesn't look at the pictures I had to save on the computer.....
i juat die im like hahahaha then die again...