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His words rang through my head as I tried to contemplate what he had just said to me. Did he really mean it? Or was the fatigue just getting to him? That must be it. He is not in his right mind. I sighed with relief before shifting my gaze to the window. I really was in South Korea now. With BTS of all people. I looked back at Taehyung’s sleeping face and sighed once more. He looks so innocent sleeping, but the bags under his eyes are proof that he hadn’t gotten much sleep lately. “You sure are sighing up a storm.” I snapped my head up and saw Suga stretching his arms and yawning. “Oh, you’re awake! Everyone else is sleeping though.” I glanced at the sleeping members in the car. Suga had slept through everything, but I wasn’t about to tell him what he had missed. Let him think I’m a somewhat normal person. “Manager-nim, how close are we?” He asked. “Five minutes at most, if I can get through that pesky light within a reasonable amount of time,” I hear him answer from the driver’s seat. “Should we wake them?” I asked only receiving a nod and a mysterious smile. “Now we can do this the normal way, or the Min Suga way,” he said cheekily. “How about the normal way.” “Aw you’re no fun!” “Sorry, but I have no energy whatsoever, and I’m pretty certain the ‘Min Suga way’ will require way more energy than I have.” “Fine you can wake them up then,” he grumbled. I sighed again, wondering just how easy it would be to wake them. I guess I can start with Jungkook since I don’t really want to wake Tae first. “Jungkook,” I cooed. “Jungkookie, come on, you have to wake up. We are at the dorms now.” He finally stirred after several pokes to the cheek, and looked up at me slightly irritated, slightly sleepy, and slightly like a cute kitten. “Noona, why did you wake me up?” He whined. “We are at the dorms. Help me wake everyone else up.” I watched his head bob in a sleepy nod and turn to Hoseok who was sitting in front of him. I turned to Taehyung and watched him sleep a little longer. “You know, you might have to do more than stare at him to wake him up.” I felt my cheeks grow hot as I glanced up at a smirking Jimin. “I’m just letting him sleep a little more weirdo. You all look so tired.” I didn’t need another reason for them to think he was my bias. I decided it would be wise to wake him up. “Tae wake up.” I poked his cheek, but nothing happened. Great. “Tae wake up, we’re at the dorms now.” “But I’m comfortable,” he whispered huskily. I felt my body tense. Aish that voice was enough to make any girl crazy. “You are really warm.” That’s a lie. I’m always cold. Always. “Come on Tae,” I pleaded nudging his head with my shoulder. I felt the weight lift off my shoulder. Finally. I turned to him, but gasped when his face was centimeters from mine. The car had stopped minutes earlier and I hadn’t realized we were the only two left in the car. Why didn’t anyone tell me we were here!? “You are blocking the door.” “There’s a door on the other side Tae.” “But I always get out from that door.” “It’s a freaking door.” “It’s a special door! And a door that you are currently blocking.” With our faces so close, there wasn’t much I could do besides get out. I turned towards the door and opened to get out. He hopped out after me and stretched his arms. I began to head to the dorm, when I felt a hand grasp my wrist and pull me back into a warm body. “Don’t think I wasn’t serious,” he whispered into my ear before letting go and brushing past my stiff body towards the front door. Why was he always doing that? I let out the breath I had been holding and walked towards the door Taehyung had just disappeared through. When I got inside, I was alone in a small dark room that split three ways. Aish. Don’t these boys know what a lamp is? There’s no light in here! “BOO!” I screamed and dashed towards the door only to hit yet another body cloaked in darkness. After screaming once more, the body enveloped me in his arms. “It’s ok. It was just Jimin being a jerk.” Tae? “Come on I’ll take you to the kitchen where the other members are.” I heard Jimin laughing down one of the hallways. That boy was going to regret doing that. I have a very good reputation for getting revenge. My eyes were suddenly flooded with light as I followed Tae down one of the hallways that led to a living room and kitchen mutation. Tae joined the boys who were huddled around the island in the seemingly small kitchen with a man I didn’t recognize. What, is there eight members now? Oh no, that guy is really old looking. Ah he’s looking at me now. “Hello, my name is Paisley Norton, and honestly I have no idea why I’m here,” I said bowing to him. I heard him laugh and raised my head to look at him. “I am Bang PD-nim of Big Hit Entertainment.” Well shiz nuggets. My eyes widened as a stood up stick straight. “No need to be so stiff. The boys explained to me what happened.” “What, that they kidnapped me from the airport and dragged me to their dorm?” I immediately slapped my hand over my mouth. “I’m so sorry, I’m just really tired. I didn’t mean that!” I did let’s be honest. He just chuckled at me and nodded his head. “I mean that is what they did,” he said shooting Taehyung a look. “You really think this is how you’re going to get more fans Tae?” “Hey she didn’t protest that much! She argued once and then gave in. It was way too easy.” I glared at him, and received his cheeky smile in response. “I just have to ask, the PD in me, but do you do anything? Like sing, dance, act, etc?” Ah I can’t sing. Well I’ve never really tried. I’m way too shy. Acting as well. Way too shy. “I dance, but that’s about it. I’m too shy to sing or act, or anything else for that matter.” I glanced down at my fidgeting feet. “YOU DANCE?! If I had known that I would’ve been much nicer to you!” Freaking Jimin. “Aish, no you wouldn’t have,” I argued giving him my signature glare. “You’re not like one of those dancers who have been dancing for like a year, and think they are like the shit and stuff, right?” I looked at Hoseok and laughed because I knew exactly what he meant. “No I’ve been dancing since I was 4. And I don’t think I’m even that good. I mostly do ballet now just to keep up my flexibility. I’ve never been very good at hip-hop though. I’m a little too lanky and awkward for that,” I shrugged. “She’s not lanky at all.” What the heck Tae? Why would you think that? “Her arms aren’t muscular but their defined, and her leg muscles are better than Jimin’s.” “And what would you know about my leg muscles Taehyung?” “Ouch back to full name status are we? You’re wearing leggings. I’m a guy. It’s only human nature.” I rolled my eyes. Ought to slap that cheeky smirk off his face, but maybe not in front of PD-nim. “Well, I guess we will have to see you in action some time. Would you guys agree?” I didn’t agree, but everyone else did making me highly outnumbered. “It was nice meeting you,” he said to me as he walked out the front door. “We should probably figure out where she is going to sleep,” Jin said thankfully changing the subject. “She can’t sleep in a room with any of us.” Remarks of protest were heard from the younger members, but one stern look from mama Jin silenced them. “We have four rooms, two in each except for Namjoon, who has his own room. Sorry Namjoon, but you’re gonna have to share a room while she’s living with us.” “We’ll just make the three youngest share the biggest room. I’ll room with Jin, and Suga with Hoseok.” Namjoon. Always the brains of the group. “Once I clean out my stuff, you can move in. It shouldn’t take me too long. “Can we eat first?” Jimin whined. “Yes! Food!” Oh Jin and his love for food. “Pais can you cook?” Tae asked me. I opened my mouth to say something, but closed it and shook my head after realizing that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and boxed mac and cheese probably did not count as cooking. “What kind of woman can’t cook?” Jimin teased. “The kind that’s not interested in you,” I retorted. “Ouch,” I heard Hoseok snort. “Good, cause woman who can’t cook are useless.” “So are guys with no jams.” “Oh she went there.” We stared at each other heatedly for a few seconds before Namjoon cleared his throat. “So how about that food? Jin?” “Maybe we should just order take out,” he mumbled. “Fine by me. Jungkook?” “On it! Delivery king is here to… deliver?” Our food was delivered and we sat around the living room, eating, talking, and laughing, like one big family. As yawns began to escape our mouths, we decided it was time to hit the sack. Namjoon had showed me to my room, where my suitcases had magically been delivered. I didn’t even hear anyone come through the front door. Creepy. I found my “pajamas”, a large shirt and shorts, and quickly went through my nighttime routine before cuddling up in bed with my favorite blanket, and turning out the lights. 30 minutes later, I couldn’t sleep. My mind would wander from one thing to another, but it always went back to one person. Tae. Why did he say those things to me? It made no sense. My eyes shot open when I heard my door open. Was the dorm secured with an alarm? Has someone broken in? I was panicking, but shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep as I heard the stranger’s footsteps come closer to my bed. “Aish she’s asleep isn’t she.” I felt the bed dip under the weight as they sat on the edge of my bed. “I know you can’t hear me, but I’m sorry for earlier. For everything really. I couldn’t sleep, so I came over to see if you were sleeping ok, and you are, which is good. I’m just going to lay here for a little bit.” I felt arms wrap around my waist and pull me in. My mind didn’t agree with it, but my body did as it relaxed from the warmth coming from their body. Maybe this was ok for one night. It was my first night in a new country, how could anyone sleep well in a new environment? But why me? Why did he come to my room? I figured he thought I hated him after everything he did to me. Who cares, he’s warm. My mind began to drift off into dream land and my lids grew heavy. I heard one last thing before drifting into a deep sleep. “I will never have fear when I have you wrapped in my arms. Your presence comforts me even when we fight. Goodnight little gangaji.” Chapter 4 Who came to her room so late in the night and slept with her!? No clue. Guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow :). This one took a bit longer than usual seeing as I began to crave mac and cheese half way through writing it (gee I wonder why). I'm a little stripped for time today because I have to leave in 10 minutes, but I find that this chapter doesn't really need pictures. So here you go! And the title rhymes too! (lame I know, but I'm tired)
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it was jimin I'm sure of it....or possibly suga...
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