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1. The same company of the first groups/person's song is the company you belong to.

JYP Entertainment

DAY6 - Habits

2. The FIRST singer is you Boyfriend/Girlfriend


SNSD - Run Devil Run

3. location where you met. (Key word in song, if not refer to MV)

Ball Pit Playground?

Got7 - Follow Me

4. The LAST person singing is the person that is trying to split us up


BTS - Let Me Know

5. The Third person Singing is my BFF


B.A.P - Easy

6. The song your Girlfriend dedicated to you

Zelo - No Title

7. Song you Dedicated back to Her

Kihyun and Jooheon - Attracted Woman

8. How long it has been since this groups debut is how long you and her have been together

Almost 4 Years

BTS - We On

9. First song we danced to at our Wedding

Speed - Zombie Party

10. Number of Members counts how many children you will have

7 Kids

BTS - Second Grade

11. First rapper's name is what you name your first Child


B.A.P - Lovesick

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I love how this turned out!!
2 years ago·Reply
@PrettieeEmm aww thank you!!
2 years ago·Reply
wow interesting, turned out good! good luck with those 7 kids lol
2 years ago·Reply
@KellyOConnor haha omg I dont know if I could handle that many! to me 2 or 3 is a lot!
2 years ago·Reply
Love it....this was cute
2 years ago·Reply