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Bts Spam pt. 2
Yeah two cards in a row!!! Just more Bts!!!
There ya go....well these are rhe only ones I have on my phone....there are other bands too but mostly Bts...... @Emealia @MadAndrea @LilySilver @CreeTheOtaku @ArmyofKookie @krin @nenegrint14 Tag anyone else
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thank you! these are awesome!
2 years ago·Reply
the last pic in the water were that from?
2 years ago·Reply
ohh that was the time they had a day off and that's all ik @SarahVanDorn
2 years ago·Reply
@SarahVanDorn sorry for super late reply but that was i think a year or so back when they wenton vacation cant remember the place
2 years ago·Reply
ok so not on AHL @ARMYStarlight @Mightmuffin thanks!!! I'll try yo find it
2 years ago·Reply