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I play a lot of video games, man. Like, so much. Listen here, it was recently Christmars Day, nd instad of hanging with and staying with my fmly i had my head in the scren playing my favirite video games.
U kno wht makes me feel goood abt plying gaming? Their was a resent study releesed that said video games hlp your brian! No, I'm not lion! I'm forreal! Here click here! U can reed evrythin there is to kno about how your fvrite game mite help you brain get strong!
I spnt mst of my weeknd plying GTA CHINATOWN WARS its so good i promise. i think my fvrite part abt the gme is that i culd sell drugs and hve to rmemebr how much i cud make a profit of the things i was bying or celling. but thats not all.
i alsoread some of that artical and that plying seritn gams will help with you're hippopotums glnd on your brain. like it'll make your brain partterns light up & u will feel smarter and will be able to solve problmes faster than peollpe who don't play games.
like imgine your litlle brother who dosnt ply games who wud rather ply sports outside lik that is fun or somthing you know. wll imagine him and you in a situatin and you have to solve a problm seperately and thn you finish it frist and his frends cant mke fun of u anymor becaus u finlly beet him at the puzzles games lol.
[Before you click away to another card, I'd like to let you know I am not as illiterate as the two previous blocks. Come on, you guys know this. You know me by now. I was just trying to make a point about people who play games and take studies like these too seriously. Yes, it's very interesting how playing games affects the human brain.
But should we play more games simply because a bunch of scientists decided to do a study on games and brain stuff? No way. We should only play games because they're fun and we want to do them. Part of me feels that studies/articles like this only exist to convince those who don't play video games that they're actually a good hobby.
I think as the current and the next generation of humans and turians get older, we'll all look at games the way we look at TV shows and movies. Right now, we're on the start of that journey. So, instead of wasting your time trying to convince other people to play games, just play your games man/lady/turian. It's more fun that way. Societal standards we'll change eventually, we just have to wait for the past to die.]
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@nicolejb hahaha! It's true!!
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@nicolejb @ButterflyBlu but droids don't sit. it's just like, well, we sit there for a while. then we turn back on. that's it. a closet would be fine
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I underestimated your needs. I guess all you really need is some video games too huh? @paulisadroid
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@nicolejb some games, some closet, some doritos. what else could a droid want? maybe someone to follow around and beep at. but that never lasts... it never lasts... *sad beeps*
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I'm sorry for the sad beeps @paulisadroid :(
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