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An overwhelming amount of characters (specifically: Main-characters) in the anime industry are within the age of 14-21. These characters have shown us a great deal of things that would be impossible to do in real life. A teenager took down a titan (or rather, a lot of titans!), another teenager played the God of Death and another teenager literally saved the world from ruin! But teenagers are also present in the most lovable romances, the darkest thrillers and drowned in oppai through the ecchi! Why teenagers all the damn time?! Aren't adults just as, if not more capable of doing these previous mentioned accomplishments? And let's not exclude the youth of children, whom can also create unique and lovable stories! XD

The Mindsets of Different Ages

In each age-group, a more generalised personality, goals, actions and so on can be summarised to their mindsets. Yet, between teens, kids and adults, by far the most separate from each other are the mindsets of kids and adults!

The Joyful Children

As a youngster, you probably had lots and lots of dreams like owning a Ferrari, going to space and become the strongest man (or woman...I'm no sexist) in the world! The imagination that dwells within the brilliant yet growing minds can drive any kid to daydream for hours on end...yet they feel eventually that they're not capable of not achieving those vivid and playful dreams that they have, either because they realise that the dream is WAY too big for anyone to achieve and would eventually give them up (DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS!) or that they don't yet have the tools, knowledge, strength or capabilities to achieve that goal at that age. It's sad when you put it in that way, but the wonderful thing is that anime is here to create a semi-solution to that problem. By animating those dreams! But doesn't that feel a bit weird? Seeing a kid at the age of 9 becoming the strongest man (or woman) in the world? Or driving around in a Ferrari? Or even going to frikkin' space? Here's the beauty and curse of children's mindset: - They can come up with the most spectacular and unbelievable (yet very believable) dreams, but do not have the means of achieving them...

The Serious Adults

Skipping the years of puberty, the adults mindset is so vastly different from the child's mindset that there are miles in between! Realisation and acceptance are the keywords here in adultery, as they've come to realise that some dreams can't be reached, have limited themselves to more everyday dreams like having a new tool-shed or getting that sweet sweet vacation or that new computer with that awesome graphics-card. Most adults have lost the imagination of becoming the owner of a Ferrari, going into space or become the strongest man (or woman) in the world. The world and our society hits (most of) us pretty hard and we've come to accept and put up some limits as to which dreams you are allowed to dream and which ones you should forget even though they now have the tools, knowledge, strength or capabilities to achieve that goal! It's, again, sad when you put it in that way, but the wonderful thing is that anime is here to create a semi-solution to that problem. By animating the capability of dreaming once more! This would be way weirder...seeing an adult play with dools and having a tea-party while "being" a princess? This is the beauty and curse of adult's mindset: - They are capable of achieving the most spectacular and unbelievable (yet very believable) goals and achievments, yet have lost the ability to dream up that goal in the first place...

The Teen In-between

This is where having a teen is most fitting! They have the capabilities AND the dreams to make whatever they want to happen HAPPEN! They've just exited their dreamy childhood once they got a taste of what adulthood had to offer. You might think that the drawbacks might give them such an impact that they have the restraints immediatley, but no. What they haven't gone through yet is the realisation-portion of adulthood, which makes them even more engaged and determined to achieve those goals of their childhood. Sure, they might not be fully adults capable of getting to space then but as the inspiration and new stuff coming into their lives that impacts them emotionally, their goals can change slighty. Slightly to make them achievable, yet within the borders of "childhood dream". They can see that they have the chance to shine and the teens in the anime you've seen with a teenage hero, they took it! Balance between childhood and adulthood is what defines a teenager, as do their aspirations and goals. Here, you have the best of both worlds! - They are capable of reaching their slightly changed childhood dreams with some effort put into the capabilities of an adults! The mindset of a teenager is the overlap of the child's and the adult's mindset!

Diverse Teens through Personality

Every character in every anime are aged to a certain degree, with a personality that reflects the maturnity and age of the character (effectively ruling away those "Gods" who are 1 Billion years old but act like kids). You've seen those persistent and gritty heroes who won't give up even with the odds stacked against them. They are still heavily influenced of their childhood mindset along with the knowledge that through their "new-found" capabilities, they can fight the biggest of armies! And there are those on the other side of the scale as well, use their "new-found" knowledge of their capabilities of an adult along with an adults goal that seem way too impossible to reach, yet they for it! They have the tools and drive for an adults mindset yet they have the goal from a childs. This can mix into countless different personalities and create more complex yet straight-forward characters. Their capabilities, personalities and goals are also affected by influences that have impact on them. Maybe they've never seen boobs in their life before, and when they finally get a small glimpse, their goals are to experience more, their personalities change into a perverts and their capabilities change direction. Maybe games have affected who they are, changing them into playing every game with the intent on winning the help of an adults mindset with the drive of a childs. And there are those who stay on polarized ends of the spectrum, becomming fully serious adults who takes the world super seriously and rationally and there are those who have childish and playful personalities, keeping the child within them! And time to mix them up with our previous point! A fully, serious, rational teenage kid who sees the world through boobs! A playful, cheerful and childish adult who does everything in their power to win every game they encounter. And keep in mind that their mature-age does not equal their actual age! The possibilities are ENDLESS with teenagers!

Another Connection to Us

Teenagers is also the one age-group that most of us can relate to. If you're a kid, then you can understand to a great extent on how adulthood works with the language of kids. If you're an adult, then you can relate to the often ridiculous reasoning of a kids through the language of adults. And if you're a teenager...bonus! XD That means that teenagers gives adults and kids a bridge of understanding between them as teenagers can talk in both languages, adding another complex and deeper layer onto our characters (for another approach on the "Connection" subject, klick here). Teenagers are used in anime to showcase the achievings of the impossible goals of a childs with the tools and capabilities of an adults!
And of course, there's much more to this than has been said. But this is a simple yet (hopefully) a way for us to understand why teenagers are used in anime so much. From a technical stand-point, most voice-actors (which most are adults) can make the voice of a teenager quite easily while doing a child's might be...difficult? And more younger voice-actors can do that voice as well :) EDIT: I'm not saying that anime itself can only work by having teens, but rather that the use of teens works better in general. I'm sure there are plenty of anime out there that only features adults. ...can't think of any though...can you? :) (Double EDIT: Death Parade) Now, why a post on age? I mean, of course, my posts are a bit out of the ordinary and so on. But, I thought that since it's my birthday in just a few days (The 30th of Dec) as I turn 18, I found it quite fitting to add a post about age :) Now, this Card is a part of my own series where I put up more anime-related posts such as discussing, analyzing and showing you parts of Anime that makes an Anime an Anime! Every topic from the technical aspects, core elements and even entire shows are collected there so make sure you check out and follow "Why anime?" collection for more posts about and around anime! :D Please feel free to comment your thoughts on the topic or suggest one! :D And if you want to leave a direct feedback, you're more than welcome to message me :)
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