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Summary: You had always heard of women finding out unexpectedly that their boyfriend was cheating. But how many could say they sat there and watched the attraction unfold?
You stared at Jimin tensely. He had been staying at your apartment for the last three weeks, leaving only to go practice. According to him, Jungkook had taken to trying to fight with him whenever they saw each other so he didn’t feel comfortable staying at the dorm. That you understood and it didn’t bother you. However, what did bother you was that the entire three weeks he’d been here, he’d spent most of his time on his phone. One day he had texted the entire night, another night he sat on the balcony with headphones in talking to someone, and recently he’d been video chatting. Tonight, he spent most of the evening on the couch scrolling on his phone. He hadn’t even noticed that you made no move to turn a light on in the living room as 10pm drew closer. Occasionally, he’d release a soft sigh, his thumb pausing momentarily before continuing to scroll. Despite the straight face he tried to maintain, the red flourish on his cheeks gave him away. You were almost afraid to ask what he was doing. Thunder boomed nearby, causing the both of you to jump. Jimin’s phone slipped from his hands, bouncing onto the coffee table and sliding across it. You shot your hand out to catch it before it plummeted onto the hardwood floors. Jimin was reaching across the table to take it from you in a matter of seconds, “Ah, Y/N-!” It was too late.
You had already looked at the screen. His hand stretched out to take it hesitantly, but you slapped it away and stared down at his phone. After a suffocating pause, you wordlessly handed it back to him and walked into the kitchen. Your hands gripped the counter’s edge tightly and a shuddered breath passed through your lips. He appeared beside you shortly after, his phone nowhere to be seen. “Y-Y/N..?” He twisted his fingers nervously,”Say something please…I don’t like this-” Your dry laugh cut him off as you turned to him with tears in your eyes,”You don’t like this? What about me?” He lowered his head wordlessly. “I…is she who you’ve talking to this whole time?” Jimin timidly nodded his head. He kept rubbing his arms and tapping his foot. Obviously, this was making him uncomfortable. “Yeah, but it wasn’t anything-” He amended weakly,”It was just friendly chatting-” “When exactly did friendly chatting involve nude photos, Jimin?!” You snapped. He flinched. You had said it aloud. There was no tiptoeing around the subject like it didn’t exist. Covering his red cheeks he shook his head quickly, “Y/N, no, th-that just happened. I didn’t know she’d-”
Rolling your eyes was unavoidable at the moment,“But you sat there for two hours and looked at them? You didn’t even tell her to stop!” The image of his KakaoTalk loaded with photo after photo of her was burning behind your eyelids. He hadn’t responded to any of the photos. Hadn’t deleted any. He only looked, and looked, and kept looking. Your mind replayed how you watching him silently, scroll and scroll and scroll, occasionally backtracking and starting over. You wanted to throw up. His voice, trying his best to stay even and calm piped up, “I know, I’m sorry. Let’s just forget about this, okay?” A soft smile crossed your lips. There he was. That was the Jimin you knew. The one who hated confrontation and usually tried to forget things instead of talking about them. Just like after your argument on the elevator, he took you out to eat, buttered you up with compliments, then while you were distracted, suggested that you two forget all about the fight. You agreed, but regretted it immediately after and it had been eating away at you all week. “No.” You finalized.” I conveniently forgot about our fight in the elevator. But this? Oh, I’m never going to forget this.” He stared down at you as if what he was about to say was common knowledge,”Y/N, it was one time. Maybe if you did something like that, I wouldn’t be so tempted to lo-”
Your hand slammed down on the counter,”If you finish that sentence Jimin, you will personally regret it.” The haughty look he gave you was response enough. The sheer arrogance was enough to stump you and change your course of action. Taking a deep breath to calm down, you murmured,”I’m going to tell you the same thing Jungkook told me about you, Eunsae doesn’t really like you. So ahead and look at all the pictures you want. In fact, why don’t you date her? I dare you. And in a few months time, you’re going to be me; a crying mess and Eunsae’s going to be the one staring stupidly at you like you are to me.” Taking a moment to collect yourself, you wiped at your eyes,”But unlike you, I’m not completely heartless; so as a warning, I’m telling you that you shouldn’t pursue anything with her-” “Warning? Is this some jealousy stunt?” He interrupted. “Are you mad because I’m physically attracted to someone who’s not you? Are you mad because in such a short time, she actually made me happy?” Happy? He barely knows her. He just met her, how does he know if she makes him happy? “Of course I’m mad!” You hissed,”I love you Jimin, but this isn’t about my feelings it’s about yours! One, you’re acting like a disgrace and two, you’re going to get hurt.” “I don’t want to hear this. You’re just angry at the way this ended.” He growled. Your raging thoughts came to a halt at ‘ended’. In a daze you turned to the table; you needed to sit down. He watched you turn away,”And Y/N..? She and I are going to be happy together, you’ll see.” The front door closed harshly as you stared at the wall blankly. Did he really just end things?
He must’ve started dating her and bringing her around the dorm immediately because the next night, Jungkook was pounding on your front door like his life depended on it. Curled up on the couch, you were startled awake by the noise, but eventually the consistent beat lulled you back to sleep. Only when it stopped, and your phone’s amplified vibrating started did you wake up again. The maknae’s caller ID flashed as the twelfth missed call was added to your notifications. “Y/N!” His voice was desperate, an octave or two higher than it normally was,”I know you’re in there! Let me in, please!” You could even hear his ragged breathing,”Please..” You were too numb to talk to him. Three hours later he had given up, and you sadly wondered if that was the last time you’d hear from him. That is, until the banging started again the next night and the night after that. He never showed up during the day, but then again you were at work so he must’ve been working too. By the started of the second week of Jungkook’s odd ritual of pounding on your front door between the hours of 9pm and midnight, the effort had been doubled. Taehyung was now with him. Together the boys knocked, kicked, and slammed their shoulders into the door. They rang the doorbell, slipped notes underneath the door and even tried to pick the lock. V’s deep voice soothingly pleaded for you to open the door, even if it was just for him. It warmed your heart at how concerned they were, honestly; if only Jimin was like that. In the middle of the third week, you were confused when 9:30 had come and gone without a sound. Perhaps they were finally tired of you ignoring them. Your neighbors probably loved it. At 10pm on the dot, there was a soft knock and a quiet voice called your name.
well finally! OPEN the goddam door, woman!!!
I swear if that's jimin!!! omfg I hope it isnt.. felt like a bucket of feels were thrown at me..
If its Jimin and she opens the door and forgives him.... I will kill her because she should have open the door for Jungkook and V!!!
if its fucking jimin i fucking swear to all the ARMY in the freaking world, im honna give up.....(dont know exactly what, but i will) smh <-- this is whats happens when feels hit like a crashing wave possibly a tsunami
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