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SeungRi been your only best friend in high school.. now you both in college. But there's something you don't know... let's go!!!
Its the second year of college, and finals are closing in. Your stressed, till he came. picture #1: he smiles big when he sees you, his heart grows bigger. He always have a way to find your soft spot and help you smile. "what your doing" he spoke softly. "studying" you said. "Read after I leave, I got to go to class!!! Bye sweetheart.." he quickly placed a note on my hand and leaves to his class. You smirk as you open the note... " I'll pick you up @9pm. NO EXCUSES!! Got it :) see you soon" This boy is will be the death of you. You grabbed your books and head to the mall. picture #2: SeungRi is at the mall and so was you. Both of you guys were clueless. He saw you and back hugs you, and like always he tends to forget what's manners .. especially in public. So you smack him on the back of the head "We in public!" ... He laughs "So what.." his mind speaks. "your hungry?" he said. Your was starving. So you both decided to eat pizza. picture #3: You grabbed the pizza and started eating. All he did was look at you with a sweet smile on his face. "How beautiful ..." his heart speaks. picture #4: "I'll see you tonight" he said. "Deff... I need a brake from studying" You said. He pats on your head and smiles at you. "you will get a good brake.." he says to himself. Then he leaves, and so did you.
Its 9:30pm and he still hasn't arrive. Your getting nervous but at the same time impatient. This kid is never on time. So you grabbed a spoon and ice cream and waited. picture #1 Ten minutes after... the doorbell rang. "Finally" you shout. You grabbed your purse and put your heels on. when you opened the door, There he stands with a look which caught you off guard. Your stomach is turning, cheeks are red. "what a beautiful woman!" his heart skips a beat. picture #2: You both went to a club, which he will be the DJ for tonight. He is smiling and throwing awesome music. Everyone is dancing, the beat is making my body vibrate. The drinks are coming in, And we feeling great. picture #3: By the middle of the night,, the music was pumping. Everyone was screaming his name, especially the ladies. Then that's when your went blank..... "Give a hand to my girl right here" he said and points at you. The light shine on you. All you can do is smile, and you don't know why! picture #4: The night becomes deeper and you had a good amount of alcohol in your system. And all you hear was a soft voice signing. You look up and there he stands signing to his crowds. A song which touch your heart. "I hope you know this song is about you..." his heart beat.
After the club, you both head to a small restaurant. picture #1: "you was great tonight" you said. "Thank you. You look great tonight too." He speaks in a soft voice, a voice which is driving your mind crazy. picture #2: You both kept drinking at the restaurant. You guys are laughing and bringing high school memories. Then he just looks at you. And so was you. Then your feelings are getting all twisted. "this feeling I'm feeling its what's keeping me here beside you ..." he said. WAIT...WHAT??!! your mind went blank.. picture #3: "Ever since we been friends, you changed my heart" he said. Your frozen, but your heart is pounding. Then he takes out a key necklace. "you have my heart, sweetheart." his heart pounds. picture #4: Both of you are waiting for a cab. He seems nervous. "stay with me tonight, please...." he holds your hand.
You enter his house ... "what am I doing" you thought to yourself. But your body won't agree your commands. Your heart is leading. picture #1: He takes off his jacket and you are just looking at him. and he gives you a puzzle look. "want to see more.." he thinks. Then he was about to take off his shirt, but you quickly turned around. picture #2: Then he grabs you AND turn you around. grabs your hips and pull you into him. Your face to face, and all you see is how his eyes glitter. Your face is red. He grabs your neck, and pull your face closer to his. Feeling each others breath. Then he kisses you. Without stopping he goes deeper. You drop your purse and put your arms around his neck. "this is what you do to me." he growls. picture #3: You lost control. Now you want is him. You want to feel him and touch every each of his body. As you kiss him, your fingers started playing with his shirt buttons. Then he stops kissing you and you look down. there you see his beautiful body. So build and handsome. Now you've become hungry. "I want you.. now!" That was your last words for tonight.
Hope you guys are still alive!!!! Deasung is next..... Think you will survive before new years?? comment below. if wanna be tagged let me know.




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this is the reason I don't even have a bias list anymore
@jiyongixoxo IKR @BBxGD I love how you gave our little panda a freaky side😆😆
wwwaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! I'm going to go in a corner and fan girl!!!!!
Wow... That escalated quickly 😂😂😂😍😍
@Helixx 😂😂yeah so I guess we know the key to sexy boys sexiness
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