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First I need to know the stakes before I choose the anime world rashly. #1. What anime will I be in? #2. What's my role? Because next thing you know I get transported to Attack On Titan and im "Random no named civilian that gets eaten by a titan #234" thanks BUT NO THANKS I would need to know important details of where im going
I would want to live in fairy tail please
I would rather go to the anime world and make my money there
lol Titan #234...I pick the anime World money is great but completly going to another world you gotta take these chances when they're given my opinion of course馃槉
True, but my main point is that I enjoy my life here in the real world and with all that money it would make it that much better. I love anime, but I wouldn't wanna leave the real world. Over all, my choice is still the money.
I'll take the money if it's U.S. dollars cash and not taxed.. Then I could just quit my job and actually have time to WATCH all the anime I currently have no time for. And then have plenty of loot to provide myself with everything I actually need to boot.
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