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A while back I saw a post about there being an Ouran Highschool host club season 2 in 2016 or 2017. Along with many others I was excited to see that there was gonna be a season 2 but unfortunately I got to excited and did some research.... I am truly sorry and regret to inform you that there will not be a season 2.

This guy is a bit rude but He does have a point

This person was just as happy as I was until he did research馃憜

I'm a high school host club fan just like the rest of you I was looking forward to this. We've so far been waiting for many years and most likely will continue to keep waiting...

Fortunately there is a manga you can read!!! I decided to tell you guys this because the joke needed to be wiped out and let those fans down who were waiting for 2016 to watch a season 2...

Here's some of the fake websites:

this makes me angry, I was looking forward to it.
and a ton of people got rick rolled
I'm pissed. This was one of my faves up on my top 10. I wish their was a season 2...
saying that though I never get my hopes up too much anyways.
I can't believe people
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