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SURPRISE!!! I HAVE ANOTHER SONG FOR YOU GUYS!!!I just couldn't let this song be forgotten....I had to let his voice be shown becuase it defintley deserves more attention...His voice is the smoothest thing I have heard in my whole life!!! Everytime I hear his voice I'm pretty sure my ears get healed more and more...I actually think I hear better when I hear his voice XD

What Do You Think Of G.Soul??

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I think you may like this artist as well @LeighHolgate
@JohnEvans you know me so well:) haha thanks again 👍
@johnEvans I love G.Soul soulful voice specialy in "You " l ❤ that song!
@luna1171 Sorry type fast...I was going to say I know...that's why I love his voice so much...Its not something you get to hear often
@LeighHolgate I knew you would like it lol @JustinaNguyen I love "You"....he sings with so much feeling that you don't even need to understand what he saying in order to cry @sarangseoltang He was a JYP trainee for 15 years...he was supposed to debut in Korea but stayed in America to develop his skills and when he came back to Korea and debuted this song and 19 others was the result @luna1171 I know...that
I like the song and the video but mostly. . his voice.. he has a beautiful voice.. you can hear the melody in his voice not just anybody possess that gift.
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