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1) Jin, because Hobi is really sensitive. I would rather make someone disappointed in me than break my bias wreckers heart 2) Re-dye Tae's hair, because then I could dye it to when he has his black hair and blonde hair on top. he looked so good and cute and omg 3) I think I would rather fight Yoongi-bear, idk him and I are both lazy, so it seems more fair, plus him and I would probably be too tired to fight or just give up 4) Tell Jin he isn't boring because no one should feel like they are. Sure Jimin is nice looking, but telling Jin that is more important 5) I would fight Hobi because instead of actual fighting him and I could fight it out over dancing haha 6) Nam Joon because I would die laughing or help him with his dancing 7) omg... uhhh.... hmmmm... probably give kookie his first hickeys. 8) I would rather Punch Yoongi because I think he would be able to take a him easier than Jin 9) Nam Joon's Jams because then everyone could make fun of it, and then Jimin will feel better about himself 10) Shave Nam Joon's hair because it is only temporary, breaking cheek bones would suck omg.. 11) Perform on stage with Jimin because then more people would know me and see my skills. partying with Nam Joon wouldn't do much in my opinion 12) Kookie because I feel Jin would flip the hell out, plus with Kookie, I could make it to where he wouldn't tell Jin, or anyone else. 13) NamJin, duh 14) Jimin, I feel he has some good stories, if you know what I mean 15) Carnival with Tae Tae, I need no explanation for why I would do that with my UB 16) Rap Mon to a Kanye West concert. No doubt. 17) Hobi, I love kookie and all, but Hobi is my number 2 in BTS 18) Jimin, because he would help train me. I feel Jin would be too nice, and probably feed me a lot, and I dont really eat. 19) Tae Tae because it would be so much fun. (@zxenna knows another story for this one ) Tagged by @KellyOConnor thanks love!