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I hate how my parents can't ever just try to understand with the thing that I love. I love both anime and kpop. This lead to me wanting to learn how to speak both Japanese and Korean. So I practice all the time saying the few words I know all the time and the get angry at for it. which makes me so angry of how close mined they are. I thought that my parents would be understanding of me wanting to learn multiple languages, as my first language was Spanish and then I learned English in elementary school. But as I try to grow as a person and learn more of other cultures and the world the more angry and unsupported they become. I know I'm not doing anything wrong because the fact that I like other cultures doesn't mean I ever forget mine. I just wished they would understand or at least try to.
Yeah my parents can't understand why I like Kpop and dramas. Nor do they understand me learning Korean, especially when I let it slip out accidentally. My mom has started to defend me by saying "how's it any different than the when British music got really popular here?"
Thank for your kind words
*hugs* Aww it's okay , I think , I'm not good at comforting but nothing that you're doing is wrong so HWAITING <3