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1.) I love school. I'm not very good at studying or getting my work done, but school is amazing.
2.) I hate taking pictures of myself, or having anybody else take my pictures. I didn't get my school pictures taken this year because the ticket I was given to give to the photographer for my picture went straight into the trash bin the second I got it.
3.) I love poetry. My favourite poem is the spring and fall poem by Gerad Manly Hopkins. I spent literally a month on memorizing it because I wanted to be able to recite it by memory.
4.) Believe it or not but I am homosexual, and I am so proud of it.
5.) Music is everything to me. I love to play it, create it, and listen to it. I play Trombone, Piano, Guitar, and I sing. I will also listen to anything. I have respect for every genre of music.
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haha ik how you feel about school
2 years ago·Reply
cool facts about you.
2 years ago·Reply
Yes I hate taking selfies , I have no pictures of my self at all except baby pics
2 years ago·Reply
Ur so productive and I'm just a lazy butt
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