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Where Kirito first meets the love of his life Asuna, This scene takes place where everyone from the town of beginnings gather to plan out to defeat the boss of the 1st floor
Diabel takes leadership onto leading the very 1st formed assault team as well as planning out the assault itself, By people going into a group of 4-5 people Kirito and Asuna go into 2 due to Asuna having trust issues at the time.....
Kibao then causes a scene by the "Beta Testers" being greedy and selfish due to their lack of sharing, Meanwhile Agil makes his 1st appearance and defends the Beta Testers by the handbook that one beta tester published for free distribution, So Kirito was rest assured....
Diabel and the rest of the assault team heads to the 1st floor boss layer, Meanwhile Kirito and Asuna are all the way in the back, Kirito explains to Asuna on how "switching" works with party team members and so he does....
They reach the boss's layer and almost immediately commence the attack with the explained plan, Kirito and Asuna were ordered to attack the Kobold Sentinels away from the main assault team attacking the boss.....
Diabel orders everyone to stay behind as he tried to get the last attack bonus, But what he didn't know was that the boss used an unknown skill which caused him to die right before Kirito's eyes..... (Swipe on Picture)
Kirito and Asuna then takes on the 1st floor boss together with their combos and skill set, But Agil and the rest didn't just sit back while they did all the work. Kirito then had the last attack bonus.... (Swipe on Picture)
After Kirito finishes off the boss with his final attack everyone celebrates with joy, everyone except Kibou that is, Kibou blames Kirito for Diabel's death due to Kirito apparently knowing that the boss had an unknown skill but Kirito had no choice but to go along in order to protect the beta testers from being picked on and so he admits to being a "Beater" (Which is Beta tester + Cheater), and part ways with everyone....
As Kirito walks up to activate the next floor, Asuna walks up to him in a bit of confusion but Kirito then tells her that she could be stronger on her own and that if a good guild asks her to join that she should accept, and then they part ways for now.....
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Awesome episode it just gets better from here
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@NikolasSatterwh Yeah it does
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