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1) SM entertainment EXO-growl ( company I belong to)
2) jungkook BTS-BUTTERFLY ( my boyfriend/ I didn't expect to get him haha)
3) Venice beach JAY PARK-SO GOOD ( where we met)
4) Roh ji hoon ROH JI HOON-PUNISHMENT (person tryin to come in between me n my bae~)
5) daehyun BAP-I REMEMBER ( my BFF)
6) man of the year hanhae ( song he dedicated to me)
7) beautiful Amber f(X) ( song I dedicated to him)
8) 13 years COME HERE - MASTA WU ( tis one was kinda hard fo me bc I don't really know him so yea/ how long we know each other based on how long tis person debuted)
9) MAMA EXO ( Chinese version) ( song I dance at my wedding)
10) 7 kids ROMEO-TARGET ( how many kids I have based on tis group)
11) sung min of speed SPEED-WHAT U ( name of the person I'm namin my first kid/ tis one took forever bc the rap was tords the middle of the song) ok here is my kpop song challenge I was tagged in I sck at taggin ppl so I don't tag ppl sry~ anyways here is mine haha
awesome. love it. we belong to the same company
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@VeronicaArtino awesome haha we could be best buddies in SM haha
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yes we can...
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