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Arctic Monkeys latest album AM came out when I was in the throws of my senior year of college. It became a mainstay in our college house, when we were getting ready to throw parties, or when we were getting ready to get lit for the weekend.
There's something about dirty indie rock and roll, and for years, the Arctic Monkeys have carried the torch for all kinds of debauchery. With the lyrical genius and swagger of lead singer Alex Turner at the helm, there's no stopping the incredible rush that comes over you when you pop on some Arctic Monkeys tracks.
So here are 10 songs that you can put on while you're getting ready for your New Year's celebration.

1. Fake Tales of San Francisco / Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

This song is the jam, a true party starter. From the first sound of guitar strings, you're there, ready to go. Getting wasted is fun, everyone knows that, but to truly enjoy yourself, you've got to have the right music. Arctic Monkeys are basically indie rock heroes, but if you look a little closer you'll notice that they're actually a brilliant outfit, comprised of story driven lyrics, cutting guitar lines and more swagger than you could ever hope for. "Fake Tales of San Francisco" plays on those people you meet at parties who just love talking about things they know nothing about. I'm sure you've met one before.

2. R U Mine? / AM

Keep your party going with my favorite track from AM, "R U Mine". Arctic Monkeys have a particular way of encapsulating that 2AM feeling, where you're just drunk enough to make a bad decision, call an ex, start a row with a friend. This album is a journey into the center of the party and back out through the hangover.

3. View From The Afternoon / Who The Fuck Are The Arctic Monkeys?

Whenever I'm too tired to go out, I put this song on and it instantly gets me in the mood. Gone are the days of continuous partying, for me, maybe. But in the times where things feel a little static, like I need something exciting and interesting in my life, I remember that I can hit up any kind of nightlife establishment, and feel just as young and full of vinegar as before. "View From The Afternoon" is a song that infects you with rhythm.

4. From Ritz to Rubble / Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

If you're having one of those bitter drinking sessions where you're reflecting on what went wrong in your life, this song is for you. If you're reminiscing on the good old days and wondering about things you can't change, resistance is often futile. Drink up, get down, and try to have a little more fun than you think you deserve. Sadness and drunkenness often go hand in hand, but they don't really have to.

5. Brainstorm / Favourite Worst Nightmare

This track was made for cruising down the highway with your friends on the way to a bar or club. The driving beat will have you bopping your head, but the sneering vocal delivery of Alex Turner will make you want to get truly wasted. This is a great 2AM track. When you're down on your luck, and the drinks are flowing, there's no telling where this track will leave you.

6. When The Sun Goes Down / Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

"They said it changes when the sun goes down." What could be a more perfect lyric to describe a night of debauchery. Starting or continuing a party is all about riling up the crowd, making them feel comfortable enough to let loose. Without that comfort, without the right music, people'll just sit around and feel sorry for themselves. Yes, when the night comes, things get weird, and that's okay.

7. Do I Wanna Know / AM

This is that 3AM slow burner, that you put on when everyone else has gone to sleep, and you're the last one standing. A simmering ode to lost love or rather, lost lust, "Do I Wanna Know" is the perfect tune for figuring out what kind of mistakes you're willing to make, o the ones you've already made.

8. Dancing Shoes / Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

The fourth song from this album to make this list, "Dancing Shoes" is yet another barn burner from Arctic Monkeys. Some of their songs are just built for thrashing around in drunken delight. I can't imagine a better song to just let loose to. "Put on your dancing shoes, there's one thing on your mind." What is that you ask? Partying, getting drunk and trying to forget about all the things you have to do the next day or the next week. Screw the future, there is only today.

9. Fluorescent Adolescent / Favourite Worst Nightmare

When you're just ready to wind down, pry the beer from your hand and pass out, put this track on. It's the perfect way to put the night to rest. Catchy and upbeat, with lyrics sad enough to make even the most hardened poet weep, Flourescent Adolescent

10. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High / AM

Well it's closing time again, and nothing is going right. Your night might have started as a rock and roll party, but now it looks like another lonely night waiting for the hangover to kick in. Don't fret, the next party is only a few nights away. If you're anything like me, every time I listen to Arctic Monkeys I'm transported, again and again right back to debauchery at its finest.

What's your favorite Arctic Monkeys track?

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Yeah everyone complains all the time haha @Titplum that's my biggest problem with a lot of music fans. They want things to change, but not too much and controlling people isn't what music is about. Music is about freedom.
@TessStevens That's something that never cease to surprise me. When a band experiments a new sound, people complain that it's too different and that they liked the previous album better. But I'm sure that if the same band had instead done a record with no evolution in their sound, people would complain that it's too similar... It's imposible to please everybody.
I know, AM was a huge surprise. I think a lot of people didn't like it because they though it was "too different". But you know, I love when bands switch up their sound. People aren't meant to stay the same way forever. And bands are just like that. Trying to keep people in a box isn't what music or art is about. So yeah. I loved that record. It's perfect.
Great selection of songs for parties. It's true their first album and AM are especially fit. I can't possibly choose only one song, but here are some of my favorites : Dancing shoes, Mardy Bum (a classic!), 505, Cornerstone, Piledriver waltz, N°1 Party Anthem ... But I couldn't say what my favorite album is. For some reasons, their first album is probably the one I listen to the less. But really, I enjoy them all. I love that they manage to do something different each time. I remember before AM was released, they said it would be upbeat with a R&B vibe. Well, I was worried I wouldn't like it because I'm not much into R&B. But of course, I ended up loving it.