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I ordered this hoodie from teechip.com some weeks ago and it got here today. I barely held my fangirling under control. My grandma tried to read it and I swear I've never heard someone get Jaejoong oppa's name so wrong in my life! I couldn't help but laugh though.
I'm still waiting for my BTS sweatshirt that I ordered WEEKS ago... :( supposedly us ARMYs overloaded the number of orders!
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Looove him. I was in Korea when WWW came out and my cousin bought me the album and it came with all this xtra stuff. That's why I love buying cd's straight from the source!
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I've had the biggest fangirl crush on him since I was 10, it was back when he debuted as a member of TVXQ. 😍
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@NickySerban Can u believe they finally lifted that crappy ban on them??
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@JennyKool it was great!! I was so excited about that! ^^
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