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Since we're wrapping up 2015, and music was a huge part of my year, I thought I'd share with you all my favorite song of 2015.
It was a hard year, full of changes and surprises, but no surprise was as wonderful as the release of "Anthems For Doomed Youth" the long awaited sequel to the LIbertines' self titled album. It's been 10 years and all of us fans were waiting in the wings for something new.
"You're My Waterloo" is a song that has been kicking around since the early 2000's, but has never really come to fruition. A constant fan favorite, and tear-jerker it stands as a long loved classic by all Libertines fans.
An ode to the idyllic place where the band got their start, Waterloo is a fond farewell to innocence, youth and all the hell that goes with it. Nothing can last forever, but somehow love songs can try.
Shortly before I left South Korea, I decided to cover the song, partly because I was feeling homesick and sad, but also because I was feeling hopeful. This song, sentimental and pure, elicits feelings of joy, sadness and reflection all rolled into one. It means so much to so many. Some things just hit you where it hurts.
In my tiny little room in Seoul, I found the passion for music that had been hiding in me for a long time. Removed from the days I used to be a lead singer, bounding around the stage like an indie rock hero, I sometimes give in to small fits of sadness. Where nothing works, I can't write or sleep...and then the music kicks in. Recharging me and sending me into the happiest place on earth.
Acoustic lullabies always drown out the busy thoughts in my head, and for those moments when the rusted metal strings touch my fingertips, I am whole. Completely transported away from the working day world, and into the light, where nothing and nobody can stop me from being happy.

Some things never change, and the power of music is one of them. Around the corner from every miserable day, happy moment, good year or bad...there's a melody waiting to be sung.

What was your favorite song of 2015?

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I'm still stuck on the soundtrack too @NeulNeulLee @shannonl5, but I've been exploring more songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Did you know he wrote a song in Star Wars?! that guy is killing it this year!!
Obviously, I will also pick a Libs song. It is Heart of the Matter for me.
From the Broadway play @shannonl5?
I'm probably just gonna be listening to the Hamilton soundtrack through the end of 2015 XD it's really good @NeulNeulLee @nicolejb @marissabergman are you with me on that?
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