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We all have been like this! But here we go. Top 15 Bias. 1. Dongwoo - Infinite 2. Woohyun - Infinite 3. Mark/Jackson ( I can't pick when it comes to them) - Got7 4. Zico - Block B 5. Gd - Big bang 6. Heechul - Suju ( Super junior) 7. Taecyeon - 2pm 8. Choi Youngjae - Got7 9. Jinyoung/Jaebum - Got7 10. Myungsoo (L)/ Sungyeol - Infinite 11. Hoya - Infinite 12. Jae - Day6 13. U-kwon - Block b 14. Nichkhun - 2pm 15. Wooyoung - 2pm
Dongwoo has been my Ub since I got into Kpop so many people have been trying to steal the spot, but I just can't help but fall for him every time I see him.
Woohyun is almost basically tied with Dongwoo on this list I can't help but love him they are both so emotional and always try to cheer people up. I can never get enough of them.
Then we have the beautiful Mark and Jackson ( Markson) It is impossible to pick between them I just love how close they are. I can't love one without the other.
Then it's the Amazing Zico I remember hearing about him way before Block b and how he was over rated, but that's not the case he works so hard to become what he is and for that he is amazing.
I can never get enough Of Gd ( Second pic is a screen shot I made ) but there is a reason so many people look up to him.
Heechul is just Heechul . He is simply amazimg.
These three boys from 2pm I went ahead and combined them because looking for all these pics oh goodness. I
Youngjae Jr. and Jb. I swear jyp knows how to pick them.
Myungyeol another ship I can't possibly choose between then Hoya who is so hard working.
This boy Omg! If you haven't heard of day6 I highly recommend them I can't get enough of Jae.
I know a lot of people would ask why I picked U-kwon but too me he is just being himself. I still love and support him 100%.
Dongwoo is such a ray of sunshine :-)
That's what made me fall for him he is such a free spirit.