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I saw @QueenLee show her Lock and Homscreen and I thought I should too ^_^ The photo above is my Lockscreen obviously XD (Jackson's face is covered ㅠㅠ)
This is my Homescreen Not a JiKook fan but they look AMAZING in that photo. What's yours?
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awe, markson and jikook. so cute!!!
2 years ago·Reply
^_^ @BlackFawn my babies hah
2 years ago·Reply
My home screen is Suga and my lock screen is of my baby Jay Park.
2 years ago·Reply
@beckiboop1996 my lockscreen is Sugar and no one is my home screen.
2 years ago·Reply
my lock screen is bang yong guk and home screen is the kwon twins from yg entertainment
2 years ago·Reply