a/n hello there aloha how are ya words used in this drama: 형- hyung means older brother 살려주세요- means save me sal-lyeojusaeyo Sang (상) = Routine, Always  Moo (무) = Duty, Affairs, In Charge  Ee Sa (이사)= Director sangmooEesa- the closest thing I found to maid lol 회장- chairman/or woman 괜찮아요- means it's OK in formal 괜찮아-means it's OK not formal 구해줘- save me informal 어~ is like oh. but warm like I guess Lol 네 is yes. 아니요 아니 are no.
Summi p.o.v Ah~ good morning the sounds of my alarm waking me up the piercing through my ears,hearing morning birds chirp outside "ah its 6 a.m" I get out my bed and walked to the window I open it to see the dark world outside I think to myself "anotherday in hell what shall we do today" I look around noticing a pics of paper by my door I walk up to it and picked it up it said "monthly rent is due please pay or her out" tch gladly I thought to myself I start to get ready to go for another day of job hunting "man she's been trying to get me out of here for so long I guess I should give her a early birthday present" I laugh to my self getting ready I out on my grey jeans and my free hugs shirt with me sweater and leave.
A/n chills later ~ I start to walk down the road of the local town looking and watching for job applications and new housing flyers "it's not easy finding jobs" I sighed and say to myself I keep walking pass people hearing about some "killer" went I walked by "what killer where they talking about" I thought I kept walking to see what was going on people gated around the tv store and we're talking I caught up to them to see what was wrong I asked a lady but all she did was shh me "rude" I said to her but luckily she didn't hear. (BREAKING NEWS) Woman reporter: breaking news a serial killer of 3 years is on the lose.. "No kidden lady" "shh" Woman reporter: "ahem evidence has been proven that the man has killed 20 women in the past 3 years every one of their children has disappeared since than no where to be found we will update you more on the story later" "omo the poor woman" one lady said "I hope the kids are okay" another one said "my lord the world is going crazy God save us all" a man said "A serial killer I guess it is true" I said to myself as I continued walking the thought of a serial killer run chills down my spine I shiver at the thought of one being here around me and everyone watching my every move making me the next victim "nah that won't happen" I laughed to myself and said. * click* *click* the sounds of my shoes as I walk around looking for jobs and housing "another day another day" I keep murmuring to myself yes another day another day in my 20 year old life to work and struggle all I wanted was a good life but like my mother always says "life is hard work to make it better you must work for a good one" those words have been my motto ever since then but I'm starting to almost give up mom just almost. later~ I keep walking down the road I check the time and "4pm ..yup time to go home soon another day summi another day" I said as I started to walk back home which was 30mins away "man why did I walk this this far" I scolded myself I kept walking until I saw my street and decided to stop at a near by cafe to get some coffee to go home. "thank you and come again" the worker said to me I step out the door and started to walk home drinking my coffee along the way until I passed by a flyer that said live in 상무이사 wanted pay: 2000$ a day housing: is free must be 19-29 years old. "huh 2000$ a day don't mind if I do" I grab the flyer and continue to walk home hoping the job isn't taken by tomorrow. ??? p.o.v "let the games begin"
A/n I'm starting to get lazy writing. the next day ~ 6.a.m I pack up my bags I took a taxi to the address of the house that's looking for a 상무이사. I called the man when I got home to see if the job was taken according to the man they haven't found anyone yet so he gave me the job "yes time for a new good life 2000$ a day here I come" I yelled the taxi man in front of me looked and "got a new job miss?" "네~ I did sir" I told him " the job?" "상무이사 sir " I said "ah~상무이사 I remember a girl that had the same job before we drove down this exact place too " he explain "really what happens to her " I asked curious "I don't know she was found dead 6 months ago "he told me. " 6..6 months ago" I stutter "ye....are where here miss that'll be 20$" he looked and told me "ah 네" I said startled I got out the car and took my bags as I watched the man drive off he couldn't be talking about here .....could he?. "hello miss summi " I hear a voice called me I turned around to see a man.
A/n ooo a man Lol who could it be leave a comment below what you think until the next chapter bye bye @AudreyJelly @Mikim000 @luna1171 @VeronicaArtino @Helixx P's. want to be tag tell me
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