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In the distant the screams echo around me like shattering glass. Yet, I always wake up before I find out who they belong to or where they came from. It's always been this way, the screams that haunt me and the stares from those that hate me. Somehow I feel like life is going to change... And it's all my fault... This wasn't the first time I've had these dreams. This time it's just worse, much worse then before. And suddenly all hell broke loose.. "Wake up, you ass" I hear that every morning from my brother Jeffrey. I choose to ignore him which leads to him hitting me in the head with a pillow. I'm Akira, and this is the usual shit I gotta put up with before I'm off to school. I mean it isn't that bad but Jeffrey is a fucking jerk. The walk to school isn't that bad until some of the other students show up. Which can wind up either good or bad depending on who ends up showing up.
Amazing xD
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I'll just reiterate @MichaelOgg 's statement because he was right: this is amazing!
@ShinigamiSan thank you