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This was supposed to be an imagine but it turn out longer than I suspected, so it'll be a fanfic of many parts. Enjoy~

I sat at the end of my bed, flipping through my photo album that was filled with all of my childhood memories. Whenever I have nothing to do I always flip through this, it hurts too much, yet I do it anyway. Just as I was about to flip the page, my door bursted open. "You're seriously looking through that photo album again? When are you going to get over it, Vernon left over 3 years ago." My step-sister, Rylee said. I closed the photo album and set it on my bed side table. "Aish, why don't you just get rid of that thing Cayne. It just filled with useless memories anyway, you're never going to see him again." She continued to complain. I groaned then sat up walking over to her. "They may be useless to you, but they sure as hell are not useless to me. And do you keep forgetting that I'm older here, you can't just barge into my room telling me what to do! Your only 15!" I practically screamed at her. "Just because you're 17 doesn't mean you get to boss me around either!" She screamed back at me. "Girls! Knock it off! Why can't you too act mature for once!" Our father yelled as he walked into my room. Rylee and I sighed in unison. "Now come down stairs, dinners done." Just before he walked out of the room he gave me that same look of disgust he's been giving me for the past year. I've entered a rebellion phase since the end of last year up. I've gotten snake bites behind his back along with a septum piercing, I've even dyed the ends of my hair red. Once I got to the table I sat in my spot, I noticed that Rylee's precious boyfriend, Ashton, was over for dinner. I scoffed, I never liked him, nor will I ever. "Cayne, can you please show some respect towards our guest." My step mom asked. "Explain to me why the hell should I? Then maybe I will." I sassed. I've honestly had with them tell me to show some decency towards the bastard. The only reason I don't is because the little bugger tried shit on me. "If your not going to respect our guest or your mother for that matter, then you can get out if this house! Now!" My father hissed back. I stood up from the dinner table and stated, "Gladly." With that I made my way to my room grabbing my backpack on the way. The minute I got to my room I dumped my notebooks out of it and started putting all of my clothes, makeup, and most importantly my photo album. Once I was finished, I grabbed the over sized hoodie, which wasn't really oversized anymore, that Vernon gave me before he left. It fit perfectly now, I smiled to myself and threw my bag over my shoulder then grabbed my phone, my wallet, and my keys. I walked downstairs, having to pass the dining room to get to the door. "Goodbye fuckers" I said flipping them all off as I slammed the doors shut. I heard one of the pieces of my step mother's precious China hit the floor. I chuckled, its her fault for setting it up near the front door. I hoped in my car and drove off, having no idea where to go. Then it hit me like a ton a bricks. I've been saving up to get a plane ticket to South Korea. I'm pretty sure I have enough saved for at least a one way ticket, so there is no way I'll be coming back once I leave. I'll figure out living situations once I get there, but right now, I just want to get the hell out of here. ~le magical time skip~ I just got done buying my ticket, now I'm currently walking over to the gate for my flight. "Flight 502 leaving for South Korea in 30 minutes." The airport announcer said through the loud speaker just has I got to the gate. I showed the lady my ticket and she let me through. Thankfully I had enough to get a decent seat on the plane, and by decent I mean there was surprisingly a cheap enough spot open in first class. I made my way to my seat and grabbed my earphones out of my bag and set my bag on my lap as I sat down. Just as I was about to put my earphones in someone walked up to me. "Um excuse me miss, but do you mind if I take up the empty spot next to you?" I looked over to see a decent looking male who seem to look a little bit older than me. "Sure, go right a head, I don't mind." I replied smiling at him. "Thank you." He smiled back. "No problem." I said as I look to my phone to see if either of my parents had texted me, which of course they hadn't. "I'm Jin, by the way." He said sticking his hand up for me to shake. "Cayne. Its nice to meet you Jin." I replied shaking his hand. Once we shook hands we returned to what we were doing. I stuck only my right earphone in just in case he wanted to make small talk. I was about half way through the first song on my playlist when he spoke. "So, what brings you to South Korea?" He asked looking over to me. "I'm going to surprise a friend," I replied, "what about you?" "Work. I'm actually an Idol." He said leaving me to only gawk at him once he said that. "Really? Wait a second.. You're from BTS aren't you? I knew I recognized you from somewhere." I said looking at him. He chuckled, "Nae, I am." Replying with a smile. I smiled, I can't believe I met an idol, well at least that's one good thing that happened go me today. "It must be tough being an idol, I mean with all the stuff you have to do on a daily bases." I said looking out the window. "It is, but it really doesnt seem like it at times because I have fun doing the stuff I do. The good thing is I've gotten used to jet lag." He chuckled. "Yea, that is a good thing. This is my first time on a plane, so its definitely going to be worse for me." I said. "It won't be as bad as you think, you'll just feel a little groggy by the time we land and that's about it." He stated reassuringly. I nodded at him and let out a yawn. "I wish the plan would take off so I can sleep, I'm starting to get tired. Hey what time is it?" I asked after I finished rambling. Jin looked at his watch then looked back up again "It's 10 to 6" he answered. "Thank you." I told him and he nodded in reply. I subconsciously stared out the window until the flight attendant came by and told us to fasten our seatbelts, because we would be taking off. I fastened my seatbelt and grabbed my neck pillow that I bought on my way to the air port from my bag. I placed it around my neck once the plane took off. I looked over to Jin and said "Wake me when we land or when were going to?" He nodded and replied with a yes. With that I put both ear buds in and put the volume to medium and slowly drifted off to sleep. I still have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do when I get there. Boy, will this be fun. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, as you just saw I will be involving other idols along the way. So there will be an endless amount a surprises coming up. Sorry for fowl language, it kinda just happens along any fanfic I write but if you guys don't like it in the story let me know and I will remove it. But aside from that let me know what you think so far! I always love feedback. I'll be tagging people on part 2, so let me know if you want to be tagged.

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