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Growing up, I always hated Monopoly. Maybe because it requires too much strategy, dated game pieces like 'top hat' and 'flat iron', or maybe because whenever there's a game out there that comes with play money, the competition gets ugly pretty fast.
However, those of us who are still pulled to the board by game-obsessed friends and family members, there's a whole new version that's (arguably) much more tolerable to play - and it involves cats. So many cats. (Do you hear that, @RaquelArredondo? So. Many. Cats.)

Meet Cat-Opoly - where you buy cats instead of Atlantic City real estate.

They tossed away the Scottish Terrier and thimble for more cat-themed game pieces, like tuna, mice, and yarn.

The chance cards? Well, let's just say that things can be PURRRFECT! or a total CAT-ASTROPHE!

And - perhaps my favorite part - instead of going to 'jail', you FALL INTO WATER.

If you're interested in buying this for yourself or another crazed cat lady in your life, you can purchase the board on Amazon for $29, but I still want to know:

Is this the board game that will have you changing your mind about Monopoly? Would you want to give this game a shot?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more strange products from across the Internet, follow my SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY collection.
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I probably wouldn't play it If I had a choice. But my friend is obsessed with cats so she would probably force me into it. With that said, I'm never gonna tell her 馃槇
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yes I would play it oh my goodness this is just too funny
2 years agoReply
yes it looks like a laugh 馃槀
2 years agoReply
omfg i would love this
2 years agoReply
We have it and love it! 馃樆
2 years agoReply