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EVERYONE, EVERYONE, THE YEAR IS COMING TO AN END. That's right. An end. And I'm freaking the fuck out. Look at me up there screaming and beeping as loud as I can then going face first into a doorway. Well, I'm sorry not everyone has peripheral vision like humans. You can't blame me.
But! One of the only things that makes me happy and forget that I haven't yet escaped my problems is playing games. And I played enough games this year to narrow down to my top 3. Why 3? Because I want to know what your favorite games of this year was! It was definitely a good year for gaming.
Anyway, without further ado, here are my top 3!
[Translated for Droids: 111000101010001010101010101010111001010101010001010101]

NBA 2K16

Growing up, I've never been too much into sports. And I'm 100 percent sure, I wrote about this before. So with this new iteration of the game and Spike Lee's story mode, I was immediately hooked. There's also something so serene and so soothing to me about playing video game basketball. It's the way I try and relax after a long day of work or talking to the dog (I mean, sometimes I talk to actual dogs and they can get pretty... bitchy! DO YOU GET IT DO YOU GET THE JOKE I LOVE JOKES).

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is arguably the game I had most anticipated all year and when it finally came out, I nearly lost my brain. I mean, I did lose my brain. But I found it again. There was this whole big to-do about it. Me and all my friends had to band together. I'm sure I wrote about this too, somewhere... In an alternate universe. But anyway, Fallout 4 exceeded my expectations. I never really cared for the main storyline so from the start, I already carved out a nice little headcanon. It's exploring the world and looking for things that aren't told to you that really explain the world in these games. And I love doing just that.

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

Okay, this one might be a cop-out. But I played a lot of Wasteland 2 this year. Well, the Director's Cut which came out sometime in October. The original game came out in 2014 and when I bought it I was working such a stressful job, I barely got to play it. It's an isometric/top-down perspective game that gives you loads of options in terms of how to deal with situations in-game. If playing Fallout 4 and realizing that combat is the only way to go rubs you the wrong way, please pick this game up. It's definitely worth it. I promise.
So what are your Top 3 games of this year? Make your own card with a screaming droid or just let me know in the comments. Be sure to tell me why as well. I love talking about games and I would kind of rather do that than realize my 2015 has been so shitty oh god oh god it's happening again please just talk to me I need this I need this.
@TylerDurso I'll definitely have to pick it up when I get the chance (by that I mean when I get $$$) I really loved some of the tell tale series so I'm looking forward to life is strange
@paulisadroid if you're a fan of classic horror you'll love Until Dawn. Life is Strange is not with out its problems but if you like tell tale games you'll like this it has a great story
@TylerDurso, Oh man, I really wanted to get my hands on Until Dawn. How is it? Is it good? I know there's all that story driven stuff. Same with Life is Strange, I've only heard good things about it. It's definitely on my backlog.
I haven't played fallout 4 yet so my 3 favorites are: Until Dawn, Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Life is Strange (not in order)