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Originally a twelve-member group, Super Junior debuted in 2005 with the song "Twins (Knock Out)". The group was supposed to constantly change, the line-up would be different in order to keep the group young (an older member would leave and a young, new member would join). Now 10 years later - in the present - Super Junior is an eleven-member group: six active and five in military... Two members have left the group in time. Their latest album is Magic with title songs "Magic" and "Devil" and here are just some old, funny (I'm sorry) pictures of when they were younger :)
This last picture is kinda hot tho :)
I'm sorry but OMG Donghae's long silver hair XD IM DYING
@sarangseoltang I remember when I first got into SJ, I saw those pics and I seriously thought his hair was photoshopped!!!! but my feels are kicking babies....
@KpopGaby Yes My feels , I miss them like this <3