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Since I'm a lazy bum I'm not gonna go by days lol cause I don't think I have enough patience for that so I'm just gonna do it in one go! Good luck reading! 화이팅!
1) 미안해 진 오빠 but I just can't break my 제이홉 hearteu! He's too precious to me. Even if I do disappoint you I'll make it up to you! 미안 오빠! 근데~ 너 사랑한다구! 오빠 짱! 화이팅! ♡♡ 2) 오모 오모, such a hard one! I think... I'll go with.... touching 지민이 abs. I love my 태현 but abs are abs lol. 3) I would rather fight 윤기. 4) 오모! 근데 지민 노무~ 예뻐! 진 오빠 지루한 아니다... I guess I'll just have to tell Jimin he's pretty lol. 5) I don't think I can fight my Hobi. He might hate me forever. 태현아! You will still love me even if we fight right? lol 6) Lmao I would rather have a dance off with 남준 오빠! That way I might have a chance of actually winning. 7) Duh! I'm Hobi trash so ofc I'll kiss my hope! Lol 근데 I wouldn't mind giving 중국 his first hickey. 8) 미안해 수가! I don't think I can break 진 엄마 hearteu anymore. 9) lol I have to take away 남준 jams he can be jamless along with poor Jiminnie. 10) lol sorry again Rap Monster! But say bye bye to your hair and say hello to a shaved head! 11) Lol to make it up to you I'll party with you 남준! I have stage fright so partying hard here we go! 12) Obviously 진 엄마! Kookie is still 젊은 무고한 lol. 13) NAMJIN!!! 14) Jinnie lol I'm sure he'll be able to give me something that I would want. 지민 would probably give it to me then take it away lol 15) Cuddle with 수가 오빠! 16) Rap Mon to Kanye West concert cause I don't like 1D. (sorry 1D fans). 17) Because I'm Hobi biased, I choose my Hope and because Kookie younger than me. He still has to grow up to be a 남자. But Hobi, 그는 나를 미치게 18) Jin as a personal motivator because it's Jin eomma! Jimin would also be 대박~! But I think he'll fool around too much lol. 지민 진짜 바보야. 19) And ofc dance with my hope! We can dance to Ice Cream Cake or Shake It or Touch My Body!
미안하 for the random 한국 in there. I hope you guys understood them. If not I can translate them lol. I just wanted to incorporate some Korean in there cause I'm learning it. Also big thanks to @KellyOConner for the tag!
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1) Jin 2) 지민 3) 정국 4) Jin 5) V 6) Rap Mon 7) Both~ 8) 윤기 9) Rap Mon 10) Rap Mon 11) Rap Mon 12) Jin 13) NamJin... JiKook... BOTH ;3 14)지민 15) Uuhh both~~ 16) 정국 17) OMG BOTH PLZ ;A; 18) Jin 19) 호석