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Over the course of the holiday season, ATLien 2 Chainz has made it clear just how important it is that he use his platform to give back to those less fortunate.
In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, 2 Chainz reveals that the plans have been wildly successful as his popular Dabbin’ Santa Christmas sweaters he’s been selling have raised over $2 million.
2 Chainz tells Forbes that he’s been working diligently to make something stick as the sweaters did. “I don’t want people to think this was an overnight success,” he says. ‘We’ve been trying with a bunch of designs for a couple years now. This is just timing meets opportunity. There’s the whole dab thing, and Atlanta’s always been somewhere that actually moves the culture a little bit. We have been the backbone of hip-hop for the past couple years. So with dabbing coming out of Atlanta, it just began to grow legs and start moving on its own.”

Are we witnessing the re-birth of community awareness and giving back in the hip-hop community again?

IT is possible 😝
That's such a nice and refreshing thing to hear, I hope he does influence others to do the same! Not always take take take.