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I woke up this morning absolutely freezing, got ready for my day absolutely freezing, walked to the bus stop absolutely freezing, and still somehow ordered an iced coffee. (Meanwhile, I heard it was in the early 70s in New Jersey on Christmas this year. Was that true? Is it really cold where you are or really warm? Lettuce discuss the weather, friends.)
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it warm and rainy season here.. we use air conditioner in bedroom almost every night before sleep.
Down here in Alabama the weather is all messed up we've had storms with a lot of rain and its in the mid to high 70s .-.
@tadavenport898 sounds like Maryland
It's about 12 degrees here, in Colorado, with a high of 24. The weather is always changing here, but it has been really cold for a while. Meanwhile, the east coast is getting warm weather, and the warm weather states are getting tons of snow! Could be worse!
it was rather warm here in Western Washington, but in some places it was rather cold here.