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Fun fact: I took 4 years of art in high school and only improved my skills minimally. My 9th grade art teacher didn't teach us anything and then my 10th-12th grade teacher didn't pay attention to me. Although I still love to draw and paint (even though I can't find any inspiration anymore)
These are the last couple things I drew. A half done cracked Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas(one of my all time favorite movies), an eye I drew on my phone, and an experiment on trying to draw hands. I've attempted to draw some of my biases but I can't draw guys and rarely can draw from a real person as it is. Only time I could is when I drew Marilyn Monroe.
I guess the whole point of this card was to say I love art. Not on a T.O.P level but enough to enjoy going to art galleries and whenever I see something pretty I wonder how I would be able to draw/paint it.
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Honestly, art classes in schools never really help They don't let you express yourself So my advice is find yourself, and express yourself in art Never give up on something you love doing Just keep trying, and practicing As time goes by you will find your inspiration It may be anything It could be a song you hear on the radio, a random commercial, or a picture you see online Just never give up :3 Your art skills are amazing btw :)
I love it!!!! keep at it!!!!!
@evieern thanks. My teacher came from Portland so she was used to high class schools where the students had some sort of idea on art but then she moved to the small town where the entire school was like 200 people so we weren't that good but my friends were amazing at art so she paid a lot of attention to them and always complimented them and stuff. The only time she really helped me was with the triptych with purple sky and the orange sunset(which was a copy cat project where we had to copy a famous artist's piece and I never found out the actual artist's name) but that one was 10th grade and the triptych was 12th grade so yeah I never got much help. I don't think I'll ever give up on art because I love it too much, I just haven't had any ideas on what to draw or paint. My parents got me a 150 piece art kit for Christmas to add to the supplies I got from my grandma a couple years ago. It's cool though. Maybe I'll post a card later on focusing on each piece on my wall. I also have some that I haven't hung up yet.
@Beckah1327 thanks :)
anytime @MaeLyn