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When Siri's away, Google comes out to play.

As much as we love Siri [for all my Apple users], whenever we need a quick, concise answer -- Google always comes to our rescue. It can be the simplest question or the most difficult, the chances of us finding what we happen to be looking for are rather high. As a beauty maven, I must admit I find myself running to Google with a lot of questions whenever something comes to mind and I'm never let down. It turns out that I'm not the only beauty lover who constantly asks Mr. G some very important questions when it comes to the topic at hand.
Every year there are a cluster of questions that trended overtime and let's just say this year when it came to beauty, Google definitely played up the role of Ask Jeeves. Thanks to such an amazing SEO like Google, I've got the scoop on the top questions asked this year. Just wait until you see what the most asked question was. I know, the anticipation is real. Keep scrolling to see the most googled questions of 2015 -- and while you're at it you can come up with some questions for the new year.

#10: How to make your hair not staticky

According to an article on The Stir, the #1 way to rid yourself of staticky hair is by using dryer sheets.

#9: How to put braids in a bun

#8: How to get glowing skin makes it known that "the most natural-looking glow, of course, comes from well-cared-for skin."

#7: How to pop a deep zit

#6: How to do a French braid

#5: How to use beard balm

Strictly for the fellas, "To apply beard balm simply open the tin and use the back of your thumbnail to scrape some out. Warm the balm in between your fingers by rubbing them together. Gently apply the balm to your beard with your fingers and massage it in. Use a comb to then evenly distribute the balm."

#4: How to remove acrylic nails at home

Thanks to How To:
"Make sure you don't rub any on to the nail itself, though, as this will hinder the nail-removing process. Pour enough acetone into the glass bowl to entirely cover your nails. Place your fingertips in the acetone and soak for twenty minutes. The acetone will gradually loosen and dissolve your acrylic nails."

#3: How to remove gel polish

Leave it up to to give us the deets: "Start by using a coarse nail file to gently sand down the top layer of gel. "Avoid filing too far into the color. Basically you just want to remove the shine," says Hipp. Next, coat the skin surrounding your nails and fingertips with a cuticle oil or a thick cream."

#2: What are lip fillers

Well, why ask Google when you just ask Kylie? Okay, that was a bad joke.
According to WebMD, lip fillers help increase the volume in your lips.

#1: How to do the Kylie Jenner lip challenge

No need to google this question, just don't do it at all.
I mean really, were you surprised about this being the #1 googled question of 2015?

What beauty question(s) did you google this year?