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It's been a rough week for Steve Harvey.

The press has been riding Harvey for the past week due his huge mistake of announcing the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant last week. Since then, Steve has owned up to the fact that he’s become an internet meme since that fateful night, and today he sent a delightful holiday tweet.
Above is the photo Steve uploaded on Twitter with the caption "Merry Easter y'all!" The hilarious caption went viral instantly, nabbing 220,000 retweets.
The Miss Universe incident wasn’t totally his fault, however, as there was a card naming the wrong winner – and despite this historic flub, he’s already been signed up to host next year’s competition.
I'm happy to see that Steve is letting the harsh press roll off his back. With that being said, the pressure will be on at next year's event for sure.
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good for him!
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Oh man, next year is going to be a trip.
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