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I've been kind of absent today, and it's because of two reasons. 1. I'm sick. I slept most of the day. Thank goodness it's my day off, because after a 67hour work week and this cold I'm drained. Ugh.
Also these two. I'm steadily getting through EXO showtime and all I see is Chen and Baekhyun. Chen has literally rocketed up my bias list. They're so funny and cute and sexy and omfg. I'm embarrassed to say but I've barely thought about BTS today. And that's saying something. I've got it bad guys.
So yeah if you guys don't see much of me tonight or tomorrow, I'm ok, just resting. I'll be back in full force on Wednesday hopefully. Now back to binging. Love y'all.
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Enjoy your rest!! Jongdae's vocals will kill you lol
Thanks guys. Yeah after the first episode of showtime I went back and watched recent EXO MVs (Growl, Call Me Baby, and Love Me Right) and I just sat there screaming. "Chen stop. Chen please. CHEN?! OMG YOUR HIPS. GODDAMNIT." πŸ˜‚
Haha I remember you were like, Who is Chen? Omg Chen's fluffy hair is dreams in Call Me Baby 😍😍
@HuonTreeRoo Lmao that's all I can think about. And his BODY ROLLS OH MY GOD. He has true bias potential. The universe was like "Oh you dunno Chen? Well let me SHOW YOU" πŸ˜‚
@torchix God, I feel you XD The body rolls are so effing great XD Lol he is my 4th bias!