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Awhh I was so worried about V and Sugar :( But I'm glad V is alright ^__^ I also hope all the members are doing well, and I'm so proud of them for wanting to continue til the end of their promotions!! They've worked so hard that they want to wrap up promotions and see their fans before resting up again :) That's true dedication to themselves and their fans! I hope they finish happily!! On the other hand, I will be happy to see them of course (: Awards are soon! Let's win BTS! <3 Hopefully Suga will update us soon after he sleeps to his content since he hasn't slept much :/ BTS FIGHTING! Also, I wanted to mention how some fans were crying Awhhh :'( make sure you all take care of yourselves as well! And crying will only make BTS sad too, so be cheerful and support them so they can smile too! Crying just made the situation much more sad WAHH Uri haengbok haja! :)
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Yes definitely Suga needs to go back to being the sleepy head LOL But I'm glad they're doing okay <3
Awhh ^__^ @Beckah1327 @sarangseoltang YEA! 馃槀 Suga is now Celeb Suga~ Trying harder to show himself to fans instead of being a sleepy head :P
butt he's a good sleepy head!!!!
@Beckah1327 mhhmm he is馃槃馃槃