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I was going to write this anyway, but the Vingle Thank You event really pushed me to post this now. (bye the way, i'm a total softy but your comments literally had me in tears, you guys are the greatest gahhhh)
2015 was a crazy year for me.
It had it's incredible highs, and it's very low lows. It was when I found out who my real friends were, and also what I need to do to really take care of myself (mental health guys, it's important!)
Through all of it, though, there was this awesome community.
Every day I could get on Vingle Kpop and know that someone would cheer me up, someone would literally make me laugh out loud, someone would teach me something or inspire me or just be someone to talk to when I needed it most. (Like when I really, really needed a hug)
I genuinely thank every single one of you. Even if we don't talk a lot, or even if we've never spoken, you have all been a part of this awesome experience, this awesome family.
You guys are more special than you realize and seeing us laugh and grow together is such a beautiful thing! Like many of you, this is the only place I can really talk to people about Kpop/Kdrama - and I am so thankful for this space. (LOOK AT HOW CUTE WE ARE)

I can't wait to see what 2016 brings all of us, and I hope that no matter what your 2015 was like, 2016 will be 100x better than last year!

I love you all so much! Happy New Year!

I know I just joined but let's more friends down on our journey 😀 this is really cool site to be on.
that was really awesome. i feel that way too. hopefully i will learn next year how to make these cards so i can do some of the Infinite concert next month. im setting the tone right for the year going to a kpop concert in January. lol
Oh, thank you....You're such a great person, Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope 2016 brings you joy, and prosperity!!
Thank you so much @kpopandkimchi on introducing me to the Vingle famil. ily 😍😍😍
@kpopandkimchi, I feel you on this one. 2015 has been, ughh. can't even describe what is been like, and I pray that 2016 brings so many good/better things. when I found vingle, I was so happy. reason being, I have no one to talk to about my love for kpop/kdrama(except my daughter). everyone criticizes/makes fun about how they dress, how they look and they street just plain ugly about it, but here, everyone loves the same things I do. although I have to admit that sometimes I don't post/comment for fear (I've always been just a tad bit shy). lol, I'm learning that its ok to love korean idols.
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