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All 9-year-old Scott Lundy wanted for Christmas was a PlayStation 4, so his parents got him one.. or so they thought.
Scott’s joy was quickly shattered when he opened the box, though. Inside was a wooden block in the shape of the game system, with a drawing and message scribbled on one side: “From cock and balls with love.”
Cold world, no blanket.
“He’s crying and he’s upset and he’s in the playroom by himself and he just wants to be alone so at that point. I was crushed,” said Kristin Lundy, his step-mother.
After the poor kid stopped crying, the family took a trip to a Target in Saugus, Massachusetts, where “they not only gave us a new game system, but they also gave us a $100 gift card, as well as an additional game that the original game that was supposed to be in the box,” Kristin said.
This Christmas was one Scott Lundy will never forget.
Whoa, Target was way off the mark on this one. Poor kid. I got my kid a playstation 4 for Christmas this year and you better believe I opened that puppy up first; just to check that all was good. No way in hell my boy is getting something I didn't pay for. >__<
I read this as the parents poorly pranked the kid lmao had to reread
I'm really shocked that this wasn't discovered. I am assuming that someone bought the system and returned it with the fakery inside. But, as someone who comes from the retail world, ALL ELECTRONICS, no matter what, are opened. WHY? Mostly to match the serial # from the actual product to the serial # on the package. No, I am not talking about barcodes and such. By law, every electronic has it's own unique serial #. If you want to return electronics, then the serial #s MUST match. If they don't match, it's pretty much 1000000000000000000% a scam.
Lmao @aabxo, I did too. I was like DAMN, HIS PARENTS ARE ALL SORTS OF COLD-BLOODED.
Whaaaaat that sucks! At least Target was cool though.
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