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Boy, you must be tired... cause you've been running through my head all night...
Damn, Joonie, can you stop being so sexy?
My fangirl heart can't take it!
You're killing me!
I said STAHPPP!!!!
Now there's a dog?!? Are you trying to destroy me with your epicness?
Can I be that finger?
Oh, you want a kiss? Sure thing....
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damn son 😍😍😍😍😍
2 years ago·Reply
He's just... So.....uhhgg... 😢Can't explain it words. Might die after saying this(my sisters bias) ima bad sister.....oh well😋
2 years ago·Reply
He will always be the selca king 😂😂
2 years ago·Reply
UM EXCUSE ME! Could you like not please thank you *grabs oxygen tank and take a big and deep in hale* yo that sound wrong takes a Big and Deep Rofl lmfao I can't breathe SEE WHAT YOU've done Namjoon YOUR SEXINESS MAKES ME THINK NASTY NASTY LOL
2 years ago·Reply
Damn Namjoon, back at it again with the killin fans....with your perfection. That's not necessarily fair man.
2 years ago·Reply