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Kylie new lip kit sold out less than 40 seconds on her website. Now there is talk about her making a new color. However, ppl are saying that Kylie stole this idea and new lip shade from a makeup artist. This video above will explain the Madness.

Have you heard about this? What are your feelings?

Oh my God. This is crazy. Yes the artist deserves credit, and commission. Just pay her off right?
Interesting. I definitely think the actual artist deserves credit. Although I doubt she gets it and just a heads up, the link for the video isn't working on the site.
I think it's ridiculous. 1. When you engage in any business practice with celebrities (like Kylie), you go into it signing all sorts of NDAs and the like. 2. ANYONE can create a cosmetic, color, shade, finish, style, etc. 3. Cosmetics cannot be patented or protected by copyright. Only delivery-systems can be patented. Meaning: lip stick can't be protected, but if it was "dispensed" in a new way, like an airbrush (as a really bad example), then the system can be protected, but NOT the color, shade, style, finish, etc. 4. Everyone wants to Kash in on the Kardashian/Jenner monopoly. I added the K because @CullenQuigley did it and I liked it. 5. There are no new ideas under the sun, so neither the makeup artist, nor Kylie came up with anything revolutionary. 6. I'm exhausted from people hating on the success of Kylie and whatnot.
I believe the artist deserves more credit in this situation