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So I've been super slack and am way late on this challenge...but here it is!

1. Selfie

Yeah so that's my face. I don't take many selfies so these were actually hard to find. Just to tell you a little about me I'm 21 and in nursing school. It's probably one of the most difficult and stressful things I've done but I really love it. Kpop and Kdramas are a really great stress relief and an escape when things get crazy and Vingle has become that as well. I love to travel and have been out of the country several times. I want to be a travel nurse or medical missionary.

2. My dream crush

I can have two right? J-Hope and Youngjae are tied for dream crush. They are both so silly and lighthearted and never fail to make me smile. Also they are super adorable.

3. Current status

I am single and I've been that way for quite awhile. It's not something I mind because 21 is still young. I want to make sure that I am sure of myself and that I know who I am and what I want before I get into a relationship. Plus J-Hope doesn't know we are getting married yet ;)

4. Most romantic moment

Nothing especially comes to mind for romantic moments honestly. I did have someone put flowers in my backpack every day for a week at university but they never confessed to it so it was more confusing than romantic.

5. What do I look for in a partner?

For me a sense of humor is one of the most important things. If you don't take yourself too seriously and can appreciate how silly life is sometimes that is very attractive to me. I also look for someone who I can talk to about big or small things because conversation and trust in that are a big deal. The last thing that comes to mind is someone who appreciates whatever moment they are in and don't try to always rush to the next thing. Even when life is hard or difficult there is still beauty in it and I want someone who can appreciate that.
I'm sure you have all already done this but each of you have played some part in making this site more enjoyable for me so I'm tagging you anyway! @AnnahiZaragoza @ArielaPicazo @ChaErica @CreeTheOtaku @glo86 @helixx @jannah341, @KAddict, @katcollins02, @kimberlyr, @kpopandkimchi, @kpopbtslife @megancurrent9 @MichelleIbarra @myaisnotsexy @LateashaChantae @luna1171 @MadAndrea @ParkHaru @stacyneroland @SugaOnTop @ToniEliseHolden and @VixenViVi
Aww thanks!!! @Kyokeo @ChaErica you guys are wonderful. @ArielaPicazo you should do it and tag me in it:)
@MichelleIbarra aaah I'm so excited!!! 😄
@Helixx thanks friend!! @ToniEliseHolden I feel the's lovely to meet other Christians:) @kpopbtslife you don't have to do it if you don't want to!
also, I'm am ecstatic to hear you're a Christian and that would like to be a missionary! It's always refreshig to meet other Christians😁
You have very pretty eyes (。♥‿♥。) haha, anyways, thanks for the tag and I'm glad you're here in Vingle with us!
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