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Take your pick gals. Which look is yours for 2016?!
The ever fabulous professional makeup artist and beauty blogger for Khush Magazine in the UK, Rosie Amin, created these two stunning looks that are virtually impossible to pick one over the other.
The eyes are so dramatic, yet so different! In the first pic (to the left), the eyes are beat with a daring violet black that echos warmth, rather than cool. In the right picture, it's lighter, visually with an emphasis on nudie fig shades.
Let's look at the lips. Both sets of pictures are high-dimension with more than just a solid color for each. All about texture and visual appeal, she mixes the colors up expertly to give both scarlet lips the allure that they have. In the left the look is cool berry with light pink undertones, whereas the one to the right is more muted and not as cool.
But seriously, you have to pick a favorite! Which is it going to be? Tagging all my gals that would appreciate these looks: @jordanhamilton
I like the 'that' lip color, and the this eyeshadow
@marshalledgar omg this is so tough I love both . But i can say I'd do eyes from left because they'd make my eye color stand out but I love the dark lips from the right . They may look similar but are so different but both are super gorgeous.
I am going to see if I can find a tutorial for these looks and help my Vinglers out! 😁😂😄 @RaquelArredondo @jordanhamilton @jazziejazz
I love this! I need to learn how to do this
@marshalledgar woo I'll be happy if you do :)
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