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Whenever I look up news about 'Rick & Morty', I keep seeing different fans mention the official 'Rick & Morty' RPG. As (admittedly) a recovered WoW player, my interest was piqued, especially since I see so much potential in a show with so many dimensions and crazy characters being adapted for the gaming world.
Needless to say, once I found it on the Adult Swim website, I was super excited, especially since I'm getting to that part in my 'R&M' withdrawal where I'm looking for seriously ANYTHING to help me get through the next show-less year or so.
I'm not going to give away any game spoilers, but I will say that there's four 'chapters' to the game in total, and if you want a better idea of how the game is laid out, here's a YouTube walkthrough of the first one.

Have any of you played this before? Are you going to play it now? Have you played the official 'R&M' Jerry-themed game?

I'm about to surrender a good hour of my life to playing this right now. Wish me luck.
And a special shout-out to our noobz: @PiggSnaps, @OtakuChick20, @JoshMcMeans, and @HappyLulie -- Welcome to the schwiftiest section of Vingle. Peace among worlds.
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No how can i?)
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Holy god I didn't know this existed. Prolly because I've been popping balloons in Jerry's Game for the last 28477593922 days of my life.
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Sacrifice sleep for said game or miss out the real questions right here folks
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I literally just shmeckled my pants finding out about this. Oh adult swim, you don did it this time
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