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Whenever I look up news about 'Rick & Morty', I keep seeing different fans mention the official 'Rick & Morty' RPG. As (admittedly) a recovered WoW player, my interest was piqued, especially since I see so much potential in a show with so many dimensions and crazy characters being adapted for the gaming world.
Needless to say, once I found it on the Adult Swim website, I was super excited, especially since I'm getting to that part in my 'R&M' withdrawal where I'm looking for seriously ANYTHING to help me get through the next show-less year or so.
I'm not going to give away any game spoilers, but I will say that there's four 'chapters' to the game in total, and if you want a better idea of how the game is laid out, here's a YouTube walkthrough of the first one.

Have any of you played this before? Are you going to play it now? Have you played the official 'R&M' Jerry-themed game?

I'm about to surrender a good hour of my life to playing this right now. Wish me luck.
And a special shout-out to our noobz: @PiggSnaps, @OtakuChick20, @JoshMcMeans, and @HappyLulie -- Welcome to the schwiftiest section of Vingle. Peace among worlds.
Holy god I didn't know this existed. Prolly because I've been popping balloons in Jerry's Game for the last 28477593922 days of my life.
Th-there's a game?? A new potential addiction? Yes please
I literally just shmeckled my pants finding out about this. Oh adult swim, you don did it this time
Sacrifice sleep for said game or miss out the real questions right here folks
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