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The sun filtered in though the curtain filling up the small room. It hadn’t been but a few days since this became his new room. Eyes opening slowly, he looked around the empty room the only thing in it was this bed and his still unpacked bags. Draping an arm over his eyes he sighed deeply still not really used to the whole situation. He had been skipping school for these few days and Nabi never knew since she was always gone to work when he was supposed to get up. Today as the others he didn’t want to return to that place. Why should he go all that was waiting for him were more beatings and judging stares not just the students but the teachers as well.
“Get up or you’ll be late.” His head jerked to the door seeing Nabi standing there, hands on her hips and a very unhappy look on her face.
“I don’t feel good I think I’ll skip today.”
“Like you have been doing? Joonie called me after your mom called him. She got a call from the school saying you haven’t been going the past few days.” He mentally cursed the school system. Why had mom called hyung though it’s not like he was her son anymore she shouldn’t even be worried with him. Jung kook just covered his face hoping she would just leave.
“You’re not going to throw away your school just because you got kicked out. Did you really think I was just going to let you do whatever because you’re going through a tough time?” Her voice was closer now. He felt his bed move as she climbed onto it. Letting out a grunt he opened his eyes seeing her sitting on him her face so close to his.
“Get your ass up and get ready. Don’t think you can just go out and ditch that way I’m walking you to school today.”
“Why do you care so much if I don’t go. I can just get a job to help you out.”
“I don’t need help I don’t have much to pay for anyway we can manage on what I make. You’re going to at least finish high school you only have less than half a year left till you graduate. I’ll be damned if I let you give up this close. Your noona may have not went to university but I at least finished high school there for you have to too.” Her jaw was set with her words. He knew there was no way he could change her mind. He only had three months left till graduation and as much as he hated that place there was no way she would let him stop now. Leaning up and closing the space between them he kissed her gently on the cheek making her turn so red.
“Ya who said you could do such things.” The breath left his lungs when she hit his chest. Did she even know how strong she really was?
“I can’t go shower if you’re sitting on me noona. Also next time you decide to come in here make sure you put on pants. I like Yoongi but that doesn’t mean I won’t get turned on by a woman.” She just hit his chest again turning more red and stomping out of the room. He could only laugh to himself imagining what was going on in her head. She did look cute on her sweater and panties. He wondered if she wore matching bras. She seemed like she wouldn’t be the kind to worry about such small things.
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@SugaOnTop, I have been labeled all the above so I know your pain... To my Grandma I am straight(she isnt too keen on the fact that I am attracted to some females), to some I am bi since I have been known to date both males and females(monogamously though I am a one person woman), and to others I am a lesbian, others call me pan because I dont really care what they are rather than who they are on the inside... You know what I call myself??? KOKOCHAN!!! I just love to love people, I dont care if they are female, male, a male who thinks they are female or a female who thinks they are male... If they are beautiful to me on the inside and they have made me fall for who they are I could care less what their "gender" is or what their preferred "gender" is...
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Amen***** I can't type
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@SugaOnTop Omg I just loves my Nabi to death... Kindred souls...
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Haha oml. the ending was funny. seriously love kookie and nabi. FRIENDSHIP GOALS
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